Why people stop going to the gym

Posted on August 29, 2009
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I think I finally figured out why people often start going to the gym with much enthusiasm but often give up after just a few weeks. The average North American is conditioned from a young age to expect everything done in the shortest time possible. It is the fast-food life that has become so entrenched in North Americans.

Our popular media constantly bombards us with the same message. Get food fast. You can buy anything with a phone call and have it delivered to your doorstep in a few hours time. Make millions of dollars every year working only a couple of hours every day. Solve your relationship problems with a phone call to Dr. Phil. Lose all the extra pounds by working out 5 minutes every day. The best weight loss pills promise that you will rid of 10s of pounds in the first week and then some.

People transfer this need for a quick result to their fitness efforts. They buy a gym membership and start working out thinking that they will go from overweight to magazine model in just a couple of weeks. When they realize that it actually takes years of continuous training and proper diet to achieve such a result, they become disappointed and they give up. They turn to the next miracle pill to save the day (which it never does.)

In conclusion, people need to “get real”. Turn off your TV and stop buying the sleazy magazines. Realize that to achieve an important goal in life takes time and effort. Now get back to the gym and start lifting those dumb bells.

Fat burners are a joke

Posted on August 22, 2009
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Like everybody else on this planer with a computer and Internet access, I receive a massive amount of email spam on a daily basis. Even the best spam filters often fail since spammers find ways to defeat them. At any rate, much of the email spam I receive is advertising some penis enlargement pills, longer sex pill, or weight loss miracle pills. This post is about the latter.

There are a million fat burners in the market today and many more will certainly be introduced in the years to come. Obesity is a serious problem for much of the Western world and it is not going away any time soon. In other words, there is a large market for these miracle, weight loss products that promise consumers to melt the fat away with no effort on their part.

I call bs on all those claims. The average consumer must be really stupid to think that by consuming a few fat burner pills which are essentially a high dose of caffeine will magically melt all the fat stored in his/her body while adding lean in its place. Seriously people, how naive are you to believe such claims.

And I would not have had a problem if there existed properly conducted clinical studies that proved these claims to be true. In all cases of fat burners that I have come across, only laboratory data exist as proof. By we all know that laboratory data can be easily faked especially when a private industry stands to make a lot of money from a product.

In conclusion, I will once more repeat myself even though I am starting to sound boring to my regular readers. If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, then stop eating fast food and start working out. It is really that simple.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) car lighting

Posted on August 17, 2009
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HID XenonI am one of those people who believe that cars are a waste of money for most people who do not need them for professional reasons. In general, I also feel that people and especially the young waste way too much money on upgrading their cars with different kits that are all show and no substance. That said, if you are a car owner then there is one upgrade that is worth making. I am talking about enhancing your car’s lighting using a high intensity discharge system replacing the old school halogen bulbs.

Why do I think that hid kits are a valuable upgrade?

The answer is rather straightforward. The Xenon-based HID provides much better illumination and lasts much longer that the Halogen system which is most commonly used in mid and low-range vehicles. I think just the fact that safety is improved by simply illuminating more of the road and better is good enough reason to spend the money on the upgrade. And I say this because I am an avid cyclist and it has been more than one times that cars almost hit me while riding at night. In all cases that the driver stopped to ask if I was okay, he basically admitted that he just didn’t see me even though I was wearing the proper gear and had LED lights on my bicycle.

So, yeah, I do believe that a HID kit upgrade is worth it for every car owner.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements

Posted on August 15, 2009
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If you are a fitness buff you probably already know about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements. Many will tell you that taking hgh supplements will help you reverse the aging process, increase your metabolism, and increase your muscle mass. Who wouldn’t want that? There are a myriad of HGH supplements in the market, e.g., Secratatropin, Lifessence HGH+, UltraMax, etc. But are these safe to use?

Since HGH naturally occurs in the body then chances are that there is nothing wrong with having your body produce a bit more on your command. Human growth hormone productions peaks during puberty and decreases steadily as we grow older. This is the main reason why so many supplements are advertised to older men and women who can potentially reverse the signs of aging by increasing their intake of HGH. But are there any side effects?

Some negative side effects do exist. For example, adding to your naturally occurring production of this hormone can cause joint swelling, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an increased risk of diabetes. In other words, nothing is really free.

Would I use this supplement?

Actually no. I have said many times that I think exercise and proper diet are the best methods to achieve a healthy weight and body. Sure, reversing the process of aging sounds nice but why would I want to do that? Getting older is part of life and something very natural. I want to keep it that way.

Why I do not own an iPod

Posted on August 14, 2009
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Fake iPod adI am going to publicly admit something today. I do not own a portable mp3 music player. No, I don’t have an iPod or Zune or any other brand of digital music player. And yes, I go to the gym 5 times every week and spend lots of time on a stationary bicycle.

Now that the elephant is out of the room, let me tell you why I don’t have one. First of all, there are so many different mp3 players out there that it gets confusing to select one. There are your ipods, zunes, and a myriad of other lesser known brands that make selecting one to buy difficult. Most people go the sure way and pick up an iPhone but I don’t want to purchase a closed piece of hardware that makes me another slave of the all mighty Apple.

Second, I have an issue with the state of the music produced today and the insane amount of money it costs to purchase (and still not own.) I don’t listen to top 40, hip hop or pop or any music created to sell an image than a creative piece of work. As a result, most of the music produced today does not appeal to me. I don’t want to waste my hard earned money on something that I will not enjoy. Not to mention that this crappy music is expensive and it would cost me thousands of dollars to fill an iPod. I don’t have that kind of money to waste.

Finally, if you are wondering how I keep myself entertained when doing my cardio at the gym, then let me tell you how. I bring a book with me and I read. This way, I get to exercise both my body and brain at the same time.

MBT Shoes help alleviate foot problems say medical professionals

Posted on August 8, 2009
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MBT anti-shoeA comfortable, “pro body shoe” is on the market. Actually, MBT brand sandals prefers to call them the “Anti-shoe.” Why the Anti-Shoe? Because the human body was not originally designed to wear sneakers. Shoes have flattened the terrain and unknowingly cause the human race to struggle with back, knee and hip problems due to ineffective and poorly designed shoes.

The human foot was designed to walk on unstable ground. These were shoes inspired by the Masai Tribe of Africa. This tribe emulates a regal posture and limited back and joint pain, all attributed to consistently walking on uneven surfaces. Engineers at MBT shoes took this basic concept and turned it into Masai Barefoot Technology, i.e. MBT Shoes. These shoes then become the Anti-Shoe based on the premise that they are designed to recreate the feeling of standing barefoot on uneven ground.

All the pressure points a person hits, while walking barefoot, are simulated in the unique round sole MBT Shoe design. These shoes designed with a negative heel, actually work more muscle groups to a greater degree over better joint and back relief by building the surrounding muscles. In fact, with shoes from MBT, the buttock region is worked 9% more than regular shoes. The rear thigh muscle activity increases by 19%. The lower limbs receive 18% more activity all while reducing the stress on the knee joints by 19%. The result of casually working these muscles increases abdominal strength and in turn better posture.

MBT shoes also offer benefits for those whose job requires a significant percentage of time on their feet. The shoes work muscle groups while relieving joint pain and back stress. MBT shoes offers a variety of styles all featuring the unique MBT technology. Shoes range from sport shoes, casual wear, professional wear and even a select styles of boots. According to the MBT website, these shoes are best for walking, fitness walking and light jogging.

Many medical professionals use MBT shoes to accelerate recovery and relieve various types of foot, leg, and back pain ailments. For athletes, MBT shoes are used for endurance training, as well as prevention of injuries and recovery. Although the look of MBT Shoes are quite unconventional based on their regular shoe counterpart, the benefits these shoes offer far outweigh the concern of being, “unconventional.” Customers report having purchased a pair of MBT Shoes and “never looking back.” Fashion does not have to hurt.

Tips for improving your golf swing

Posted on August 7, 2009
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Tiger Woods golf swingOne of the questions that I think a lot of people would like to know is, “how long will it take to fix my swing.” Below, I have outlined the various methods. After reading them, it’s up to you to decide which approach you will take.

Swing Fix 1: Buying New Equipment

At one time or another, most golfers have thought the buying new clubs was going to instantly change their game. Now, I don’t want to totally discount this fix because buying new clubs can improve your golf game if you’re playing the wrong clubs, or your clubs are not properly fitted to you and your swing. What you should do, is find an experienced clubfitter and have your clubs fitted and your swing checked.

Buying new clubs gives you a quick fix in another way. New club give you a different feeling from your old clubs. This means that when you hit shots with them, you’re thinking so much about how the new club feels that you aren’t thinking of how you’re swinging. This totally clears your mind but it’s only temporary.A couple of weeks after using your new clubs, they don’t feel all that different so you start thinking about your swing again. My advice here is to quit trying new clubs.

As I mentioned earlier, try to find a professional clubfitter and get fitted.Once you do that, you really should focus on your swing.

Swing Fix 2: Trying Different Swing Tips

We’ve all picked up the latest golf magazine and tried the latest free golf tips hoping they will magically get our game back on track.The thing is, most golfers are not experienced enough to determine if these tips would benefit their swing. If you don’t know your swing well enough, and you try these tips, you may actually be making your swing worse. Plus, a tip is just a tip.It’s not certain that it’s going to help develop the proper fundamentals.

An example would be to try a stronger grip. Although this tip may cause the face to square better through impact, it isn’t the correct grip.You should be very careful the next time you go to work on the latest tip you find in a magazine, or from your buddy. A good idea would be to discuss the tip with your head pro or teaching pro first to see if it would be a good fit for your game.Only then should you try it.It it works, that’s fantastic!

Swing Fix 3: No Focus

So many people are looking for the instant answer that they fall into the trap of trying way too many things all at once.This approach will never work. Unfortunately, this is only going to lead to confusion.Plus, you may end up trying so many different things that you forget what actually worked.It may have been luck even if you did find something that worked.The way you can truly know if this approach is working is if your game improves well into the future.

Swing Fix 4: Working on One Thing at a Time

The best thing you can do to fix your golf swing is to work on one thing until you have it mastered. In doing so, you stay focused only on that thing which means you aren’t going to experiment and try 5 different things at once.If you’re going to work on your swing this way, then you are going to need a swing coach or a method to follow. By focusing on your swing like this, you’ll reinforce the changes because you won’t be getting sidetracked.I know, most golfers think this is going to take a long time. When compared to the other fixes I mentioned, this really will be the fastest.

That’s because the other tips only give you a temporary fix whereas, working on each piece of your swing, develops proper fundamentals that you can take with you long into the future.

15 ways to escape your scrapbooking burnout

Posted on August 6, 2009
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Are you suffering from scrapbooking burnout? Are your photos and scrapbooking supplies piling up and you don’t have the motivation to create a single page layout? Here are a few ideas to help you cure your scrapbooking burnout.

  1. Learning a new scrapbooking technique can cure your burnout. Just try a new technique on one page layout today.
  2. Don’t think you have to get through your entire photograph backlog. Just pick one photo today, and showcase it on a page. Just getting started may be just what you need.
  3. Give yourself permission to throw out poor quality photographs. Your backlog will start to shrink and just looking through your photos may inspire you.
  4. Your supply stash can bring inspiration. Organize your supplies, and see if you are inspired to mix embellishments or papers in a new way.
  5. Scrapbooking magazines are designed to bring inspiration. Read your favorite magazine today for new techniques or the latest products.
  6. Take a scrapbooking course or workshop. This is sure to bring your some motivation.
  7. Gather your friends together for a scrapbooking crop. There’s inspiration and motivation in numbers. If you prefer not to set up a party of your own, check out your local scrapbooking store for a group crop.
  8. Go shopping! Browse through your local scrapbooking store or craft store and get inspired by all the new products available.
  9. Don’t think you have to be perfect. Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Allow yourself to make mistakes and make simple pages. Not every page needs to be a work of art.
  10. Sell or give away some of your scrapbooking supplies. Scaling down can help you overcome supply overload. Sometimes too many choices can keep you from taking action.
  11. Don’t try to make an album tonight. Just make one single page layout. One page a night leads to many completed pages over time.
  12. Join a scrapbooking community online challenge. You can find these on message boards and forums. Competing with others may jump start your motivation.
  13. Join the digital scrapbooking craze. It’s a lot less messy than traditional scrapbooking.
  14. Join a scrapbooking community online and read their message boards and forums. Most of these communities have galleries where members upload their scrapbooking pages for others to see and make comments.
  15. Put your scrapbook albums on display. Let your family and friends enjoy your page layouts. See their faces light up as they appreciate your pages will motivate you to get scrapbooking again.

Try these scrapbooking tips today and watch your scrapbooking burnout disappear. I guarantee that you will be back to full-time scrapbooking in no time.

Fastin diet pill makes big promises but can it deliver

Posted on June 27, 2009
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obese manSometimes, it feels like there is a new diet pill introduced to the market every week. Sure, obesity is a huge problem in North America and other parts of the world but after years of companies selling miracle diet pills that can help people lose weight with no exercise and failing, why are people still buying them?

Case in point, the new Fastin diet pills that make the same promises we have all heard about over and over again. Lose weight with no exercise using this miracle pill with its new thermogenic breakthrough formula that causes no side effects. As per usual, the pill’s effectiveness is supported by clinical trials. Not! Laboratory tested is not the same as a clinical trial and, in fact, it is probably meaningless. But people will buy this and every other diet pill that will hit the market sooner or later and still not lose weight.

I have said this over and over again and I will repeat it once more. If you want to lose weight there is only one way to do it and it involves a proper diet and exercise. Go talk to your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to start an exercise program. Then talk to a personal trainer who will design an exercise program tailored to your physique and goals. Also talk with a dietitian who will design a proper diet that will help you drop those extra pounds without hurting your body. This is the only healthy and sustainable (as in long-term) way to lose weight.

Get off your ass America and exercise!

Scrapbooking your handwriting in the digital age

Posted on June 21, 2009
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digital scrabook kitScrabooking is a fun activity for preserving your priceless memories. It is an activity that doesn’t have to cost you a carload of money, especially now that scrapbooking has joined the digital age. The software for creating awe aspiring scrapbooks has existed for a while now. This short article will show you how you can add a very personal touch to your digital creations by scrapbooking your handwriting.

Handwriting on pages may not be as pretty as a computer font. Still, it is so much more personal and meaningful to our families. This is the main reason why scrapbooking your handwriting is such an important skill to have.

Why do we hesitate to use our own handwriting in our albums? There are a few reasons. The most common one is concern that our handwriting is too messy or won’t be able to be read by others. We should all try to get beyond this and realize how important it is to our family to preserve something as unique as our handwriting. Think about those handwritten letters and recipes from a grandparent and how important they are to you now.

Are you worried that you will make a permanent mistake with your journaling? Handwriting errors aren’t difficult to correct. Try using a paper journaling block first giving you the option of using a second one in case you make a mistake. Other problems are also easy to fix. For example, if you’ve already attached it to the page, just glue another one over it. Use other page elements to cover your errors. Stickers are a simple way to cover a handwriting mistake.

Handwriting success depends on using the right pen. You should first consider the type of paper you are using. The type of paper determines the pen that you will use because you can get the best results by using a pen designed to write on the specific surface type. Avoid pens that will run or smear on the paper of you choice.

digital scrabook example page babyAt the end of the day, lots of practice is the best way to minimize handwriting errors. Practice by first writing out your entry on a scrap piece of paper. Read it over slowly out loud. This will help you spot errors in spelling and grammar. For longer narrative writing, you may want to have someone else proofread it for you before you place it on your page. Don’t forget to also test the pen on a small piece of the paper you want to use. Writing a draft will let you know how much room you need to write on as well.

Are you one of those people that write uphill? If you find it difficult to write in a straight line, use lined journaling blocks. You can make them yourself, buy a stamp with lines designed for this purpose, or purchase pre-lined journaling papers. Another tip is to use the natural lines in your layouts. Write along stripes on patterned paper. Handwrite phrases around a frame. You can even print on the edges of your borders.

No two people have the same handwriting. It is unique and personal. Like a signature, it is a form of validation. Handwritten journaling on a scrapbooking page adds character to your albums. It tells your family who you are, what your mood is and is a glimpse into your personality. Your family will treasure your pages when they see you have preserved such a personal side of yourself. A digital computer font lacks the depth and emotion that handwriting your words can have.

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