Returning Christmas gifts

I think that returning Christmas gifts is as much a tradition as buying them in the first place. Holiday gifts are no longer just a gesture of good will. People have very specific (and often very expensive) demands for what they expect to receive in their stocking on December 25th.
Many people go out of [...]

Locating Airfares At a Discount and Hotel Reservations

For those who would love to enjoy cheap vacations, two of the most important aspects of any trip is being able to secure cheap airfare and cheap hotel reservations. Both can readily be searched out and the best deals found by taking the time to do comparison shopping online. While it might take you [...]

Affordable family vacations in Las Vegas

We almost always associate las vegas nevada with a destination for the rich. In fairness, this is not a complete misconception considering that Las Vegas is mostly known for its casinos. The truth is that there is more to do in Las Vegas than spend all your money at one of the many casinos. [...]

Local vacations are good and affordable options

I just wrote earlier about my frequent travels some of which are for business and other for personal reasons. Speaking of the latter, I have accumulated a considerable amount of vacation time and I am thinking of taking some time off in the next couple of months. The question is where to actually go without [...]

For frequent travelers having the right luggage is a must

I happen to be employed in a profession that gives me the privilege to travel at least a couple of times every year. Add to that the fact that I travel at least twice for personal reasons and I am entered in the frequent traveler category by default. There are many things I have learned [...]

Escaping from work takes a lot of planning

I was told this many times before from friends who entered the workforce after finishing school and I honestly didn’t believe it. Until now! When you are in school, you have lots of freedom to spend your days as you wish. Sure, you have some constraints because you have to go to class, study and [...]

Sydney bus drivers are crazy

It is true. Sydney bus drivers are crazy. However, let me elaborate on the kind of crazy they are. The basic idea here is that most, if not all, of them probably believe that they are actually F1 drivers. I don’t know if this is some kind of mass delusion among this particular group [...]

How the rich fly

My job requires that I fly around the world a couple of times every year. Some times the flight is just to a nearby city and the time I spent at the airport is longer than the time I spend in the plane flying. Other times, I have to fly as far away as Australia [...]

The secret to the perfect move

In the last 10 years, I moved a total of 7 times either within the same city, same country, and even half way across the world. Now that I have impressed you with my extensive travel experience (I do feel like a world citizen to tell you the truth,) I want to give you [...]

Apartment renting in Sydney

So, I finally made my way to Sydney for a brief stint working here. Sydney is a beautiful city and even though the weather at the moment is not the best, i.e., it has been raining for the last few days and more rain is expected throughout the week, this post is about my first [...]

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