Soccer Sorrow

With the upcoming European Championships and the World Cup looming just behind that, a tragedy has occurred in the soccer world. Emmanuel Sanon, probably the most celebrated soccer player for Haiti has died. Sanon to date, is the only player to score a World Cup goal in Haitian history and it was the goal that [...]

Getting back to playing some tennis

I’ve been thinking about getting back to playing a bit of tennis for fun and fitness. I used to play every now and then on the weekends but I stopped when I decided to focus my energy on playing soccer. Now that I am a bit older and playing soccer is a bit too much [...]

The “Beckham” Man

Is David Beckham becoming one of those people you love to hate? Is it not enough that he has played in the English premier league, also with the powerhouse Real Madrid and now in the USA, (yes in the USA for the LA Galaxy) for an ungodly amount of money, where he spends most of [...]

Support your local….uh Team

What is about people and there sports teams, hey I like sports as much as the next guy, at least I thought I did. Then I hear stories like this and I wonder not about my love of sports but when does that become an infatuation. Sure the soccer hoodlums of England fit into the [...]

Death of Gatorade

The inventor of Gatorade the sports drink that has since resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry of power drinks has died. Dr. Robert Gade the inventor of Gatorade died at the age of 80 due to kidney failure on Tuesday. Dr Gade, born Robert James Gade graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and [...]

England’s Euro 2008 failure

After a long time, English soccer fans received their dose of disappointment well before a major tournament, be it the World Cup or Euro, took place. The English national soccer team failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 finals after losing to Croatia at home for the last game of the qualification round; interestingly, England [...]

Tennis Star poisoned?

International sports may have reached an all new low if the suspected allegations are true. In addition to betting scandals in the NBA and baseball, dog-fighting, hit-men for hire in figure skating stabbing in tennis, once again tennis has been implicated in one of the most disgraceful things I have ever heard of, an alleged [...]

Marion Jones admits steroid use

The New York Times report that after years of denying using steroids, celebrated athlete Marion Jones is expected to admit the use of steroid in the Balco case. According to the article,
Ms. Jones is expected to plead guilty to one count of making false statements to federal agents about her use of performance-enhancing drugs [...]

Two-Time NBA Champ Isiah Thomas Guilty of Sexual Harassment

Former Detroit Piston and NBA Champion, and currently New York Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas, has been found guilty of sexual harassment towards plantiff Anucha Browne Sanders. Thomas has been pleading his innocence since the beginning of the trial and has continued to do so, even after the verdict. Isiah Thomas had reportedly [...]

Football (Soccer) Etiquette

So if you have been following the FIFA Women’s World Cup than you are probably aware of the beating taken by Argentina at the hands of Germany, 11-0. Some internet outlets (who will remain nameless) have questioned if this is a reasonable result or is this just mean-spirited? That is to say that in the [...]

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