Asteroid impact simulation

The video below shows an incredible simulation of a 500Km wide asteroid with our beautiful planet. The results is the complete destruction of life on our pale blue dot and a complete devastation of its surface. According to science, this type of asteroid has impacted with the Earth possibly several times in the planet’s history. [...]

Arthur C. Clarke

In case you haven’t heard yet, Sir Arthur C. Clarke passed away today in Sri Lanka where he had lived since the 1950s. The 90-year old writer is best known for writing the script for “2001: A space odyssey.” Below is a video of Arthur C. Clarke’s reflections during his 90th birthday.

Read more: “Science fiction [...]

Disturbing HIV policy Raises Concern

Recently the Switzerland National Aids Commission published in the Bulletin of Swiss Medicine that some individuals with HIV can have unprotected sex, and that this is a safe practice. This goes against practiced HIV barrier protection that has been advocated for several decades. Swiss researchers did a retrospective analysis of individuals with HIV and determined [...]

The largest known star: VY Canis Majoris

Ever wondered what the largest star in the known universe is? I say the known universe because it is possible that a larger star(s) exists but we haven’t been able to observe it yet. So, the largest known star to man is a red giant known as VY Canis Majoris. There is some debate among [...]

Marriage hurting scientists

Bad news for scientists who want to excel in their field and at the same time share their lives with wives. A new study from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand is telling us that a scientist’s biggest enemies are age and marriage.
You might have already heard of mathematicians who claim that if [...]

Video illustrating Darwin’s theory of evolution

The video below brilliantly illustrates 500 million years of evolution on planet Earth. This beautifully done 5-minute video demonstrates the basics behind Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution with life starting deep in ocean waters and then eventually giving rise to life on Earth leading to the species that still service today including our own.

A great Science Loss

With all the talk and controversy surrounding the death of Heath Ledger recently, another death also happened which was a devastating blow to the scientific community.
The death of Dr. Judah Folkman.
Dr. Folkman is considered the founding father of the concept of Angiogenesis-which at the time was a radical idea that cancer cells could hijack [...]

Sun, Moon, Stars and 5 Planets

Astronomers discover a new planet approximately 41 light years away along with 4 other planets surrounding a star, known as 55 Cancri (a sun-like star) in the constellation Cancer. Apparently, the planet resides in a place referred to as a habitable zone with planet features of liquid water and mild temperatures, however, the planet [...]

Amazing Discovery in Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research has been a hot topic for scientists, politicians and the general public due to the health implications, the potential moral dilemma, general social concern and the controversial way in which such science could be conducted.
So what are stem cells? They are the master cells, which are capable of forming every type [...]

New Risk Factors Identified for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that results in the body attacking the myelin sheath (the insulation that is around the nerve cells) that help propagate brain cell communication. There are essentially four types or clinical courses that patients with MS follow.
* Progressive-Relapsing

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