Retarded politics of the atom bomb

I think the politicians who are after atomic bombs, politically, they are backwards. Retarded.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN in New York.


“As a rule, men worry more about what they can’t see than about what they can.”
- Julius Ceasar, 102-44 BC

Leaving a small footprint

“Well, I’d rather see people watching whales than hunting them. And I’d rather see people hiking through old-growth forests than cutting them down.”
- David Suzuki

To be smart or not to be

“It is indisputable that the being whose capacities of enjoyment are low, has the greatest chance of having them fully satisfied; and a highly endowed being will always feel that any happiness which he can look for, as the world is constituted, is imperfect. But he can learn to bear its imperfections, if they are [...]

The stock market gamble

“The foundations for stable operation of the stock market are not firm. There are still many problems that must be resolved.”
- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, speaking on Jan. 19, just five weeks before Chinese stocks fell 9% in one day of trading

Girl soldiers

“Once you put an AK-47 in their hands, child soldiers can mutilate, kill. I’ve seen a 14-year old commanding 30 or 40 kids.”
-Retired Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire talking about the ‘value’ of girl soldiers in a Maclean’s Magazine interview, Januray, 2007.

The Moral Weight of Leadership

I have seen men in the depth of wickedness, and I have thought to myself, “There I go, except by the grace of God.”
- Billy Graham, In the New York Times, March 17, 1998, The Moral Weight of Leadership


“There’s an idea that Hell is other people. My idea is that it might be repetition.”
- Stephen King

Copernicus epitaph

“O Lord, the faith thou didst give to St. Paul, I cannot ask; the mercy thou didst show to St. Peter; I dare not ask; but Lord, the grace thou didst show unto the dying robber, that, Lord, show to me.”
-Copernicus, epitaph of his own composition

An ethical unethical investor

“Trying to express your moral viewpoint through your stock holdings is a bit like trying to express your musical tastes through your choice of a hacksaw.”
-Ian McGucan, “Confessions of an unethical investor,” MoneySense magazine article

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