Why people retire poor

It is unbelievable the number of things people do to guarantee that they will retire poor. Every day that goes by I come across a new example of poor money management by people educated and not. Let me give you a recent example that took place in Australia.
A few months ago, the Australian government announced [...]

When a door closes…

The economic downturn has been hurting everybody for the last six months. It’s hurting you, me, and your next neighbor. It’s hurting home owners all over the world, manufacturing employees, the small and large business owner. So, everybody is in trouble. However, where a door closes a window opens. In other words, there is opportunity [...]

Understanding The Home Mortgage Calculator

When you have finally decided to take that plunge into home ownership, it can be a scary and exciting time and you may be worried if you are really able to afford it. But then again, there is that part of you who is thinking you can’t afford not to buy a home. So, where [...]

The Fear Of Mortgage Loans

The Current negative sentiment covering home loans and mortgages is certainly well covered by the News Media. There are many reports of people having trouble making their payments. But is it Warranted.
Not all loans are causing problems it is specifically some specific types of loans. One of the loans that has so many people in [...]

Governments, greed, and the subprime crisis

The markets have been crushing again after momentarily going higher at the beginning of the month. If you care to know how idiotic policies by our elected governments and human greed have driven the capitalist system to this crisis, then watch the video below.

Easy Credit Check Online and Offline

When you want to get purely about anything, you are going to have to have a credit check. You probably already have an idea about the state of your credit, but did you know that if you keep trying to get credit in place after place, you’re only going to make your credit worse? Whenever [...]

Federal Student Loans

For many college kids, central student loans are totally essential. I was one of those kids. I came from a pretty poor background, and without a federal student loan I wouldn’t have been able to get into college. Even better than the central student loans, however, was the free national scholarship. It is amazing how [...]

Pay Our Bills On line With Ease and Safety

The standard system of banking and paying routine bills has changed fabulously since the Internet has come into the picture. While the aged-school process of bill paying prevalently consisted of receiving electric, gas, water, credit card, student loan and insurance bills through snail mail, now days you have a selection. You no longer have to [...]

Don’t know how to balance a checkbook? Learn how in seven easy steps!

It’s become an issue of federal attention that the majority of today’s high school graduates don’t know how to balance a checkbook. Perhaps we shouldn’t wonder why this is so. Practical skills, such as knowing how to balance a checkbook, aren’t emphasized in the school room, yet by the absenteeism of such knowledge, kids are [...]

Hard Money Loans

Do you need some quick money? If so, you may want to look into getting a hard money loan. Of course, this is not always the only idea to consider. After all, you only want to borrow money in a way that is advantageous to your current financial situation. Before you get involved with hard [...]

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