Lower Back Pain – Causes and Cures

Nearly 80% of people have back pain, including lower back pain, at some point or another during their life. Since this is a problem which affects nearly everyone, it is important to know what the causes of lower back pain are. It’s important to understand how you can keep severe lower back pain at bay [...]

Colored Contact Lenses: Revitalize Your Look Easily

Color contacts are a great way to sharpen and enhance the look of your eyes.  Unlike traditional contacts, colored lenses are a great way to show off your contacts, with colors that are completely fun.  Wearing color contacts are all about having some fun every once in a while.
All around the world, thousands and [...]

Acne treatments are such a joke

I am starting to think that second to the miracle weight loss pill scam are the miracle acne treatment scams. Every other day there is a new product in the market that promises to help teenagers eliminate acne in a few days. Over the years I have seen crazy treatments hailed as modern miracles such [...]

Fastin diet pill makes big promises but can it deliver

Sometimes, it feels like there is a new diet pill introduced to the market every week. Sure, obesity is a huge problem in North America and other parts of the world but after years of companies selling miracle diet pills that can help people lose weight with no exercise and failing, why are people still [...]

It’s a decision that I have to make sooner than later

I am seating here looking at my gut and reading a Lipofuze review (another miracle, fat-busting, diet pill) felling miserable about myself and the extra weight I gained the last few months. It was my goal about 4 months ago to get back in shape but with all the stress from work and a number [...]

Damn that Sun

I’m all for the significance of the Cosmos and the vast insignificance of humans and other living things on this planet but sometimes the little things that I should not care about seriously piss me off. Let me explain.
Recently, as in about a year ago, I moved to Sydney Australia. Not a bad looking city [...]

Moth traps save the day

I can’t take moth infestations or any other kind of insect infestation. I hate the little buggers cruising around my unit. Living in Australia, I have to deal with all kinds of insects on a daily basis. Moths are only the most recent of annoyances to ruin my days.
So, I decided to get rid of [...]

Sleep comfortably tonight

I always find that I am the most productive in the morning 4-5 hours after waking up. After that, my productivity continuously drops until towards the end of the day, I can get nothing useful done. This is true for most people I have talked with and I am willing to bet that it is [...]

Eating healthy for pregnant women

Giving the miracle of life is probably the most amazing act in the universe. However, all sorts of questions arise now that you are pregnant. Now more than ever it is important to eat good foods for you and your baby. Not eating well during your pregnancy can increase your risk of complications. [...]

Why Aromatherapy?

In the midst of all the alternative medicine treatments that you’ve heard about recently, you may have noticed aromatherapy mentioned a few times. Many dismiss the idea of using scents to bring medical results as quackery, and that’s understandable in many ways. There’s quite a bit of information about aromatherapy that comes from people [...]

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