Time to buy a new laptop

I’m thinking that it might be time to buy a new laptop to replace my trusty DELL 700m which has served me well for the last 3.5 years. The computer still runs well. I have never had any problems with it. Unfortunately, it has started to show its age. My INSPIRON 700m only has [...]

Please use a Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone when driving

I was almost run over by a drive today on my way to work. This person happened to be talking on his mobile phone while turning into pedestrian traffic. The problem was, the he was holding the phone on the side that I was standing and the device was essentially blocking half his field of [...]

LED shower head

I don’t get excited about many things in life but when I came across the LED shower head lights I felt my heart pump a little faster. With the temperature controlled LED shower light I will never have to accidentally endure a cold shower. The device which is easy to install and does not require [...]

Charge your electronic devices with the Charger Station

The large number of electronic devices that we must always remember to charge is growing on a daily basis. We have our cell phones, portable music players (usually more than one,) digital cameras, and PDAs among many other electronic gadgets. Each of these devices has its own charger with long wires and bulky transformers often [...]

Pioneer Computers DreamBook Light IL1

Australian Pioneer Computers has started offering their own flavor of a sub-500 portable computer, the DreamBook Light IL1. This small laptop comes with a 7-inch LCD touch screen and runs on a VIA C7-M, Ultra Low Voltage processor at 1.0GHz. For $450, you also get 1GB of RAM and a 40GB hard disk drive. [...]

Casio Limited Edition MRG-8000G

Casio is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the G-Shock with the release of the limited edition MRG-800G watch. Other than the nice balance between technology and style that is a common theme in all G-shock watches, the limited edition version comes with an 18-carat gold ring and some more gold scattered on several places on [...]

A great RC cars blog

If there is anything that I have always wanted to do when I was a kid is to own one of these cool RC cars. Unfortunately, I grew older faster than I expected and I never got around to fulfilling my dream until recently. The only problem is that RC cars can be a serious [...]

Survive a motorcycle accident

If you hope to survive a motorcycle accident then you have two options. One is to pay $500 dollars and buy a personal airbag protection jacket from Impact Jackets LLC. These jackets look good and come with build in airbags (like the ones in cars) that inflate during a collision. Your other option is to [...]

Waterproof digital camcorder

If you are planning to visit an exotic island for you vacation this summer, don’t go without the Sanyo Xacti E1 waterproof digital camcorder. This new digital camera is capable of snapping high resolution still images and, of course, video under water. You can take this wonderful device with you swimming in up to 5 [...]

The hidden costs of digital camera buying

It took me a while but I have finally become the owner of a digital camera. I can now be cool like all my friends who seem to carry a digital camera with them everywhere they go. I purchased an affordable camera that seemed suitable for my needs. Specifically, I bought the Nikon Coolpix L12 [...]

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