Why people stop going to the gym

I think I finally figured out why people often start going to the gym with much enthusiasm but often give up after just a few weeks. The average North American is conditioned from a young age to expect everything done in the shortest time possible. It is the fast-food life that has become so entrenched [...]

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements

If you are a fitness buff you probably already know about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements. Many will tell you that taking hgh supplements will help you reverse the aging process, increase your metabolism, and increase your muscle mass. Who wouldn’t want that? There are a myriad of HGH supplements in the market, e.g., Secratatropin, [...]

MBT Shoes help alleviate foot problems say medical professionals

A comfortable, “pro body shoe” is on the market. Actually, MBT brand sandals prefers to call them the “Anti-shoe.” Why the Anti-Shoe? Because the human body was not originally designed to wear sneakers. Shoes have flattened the terrain and unknowingly cause the human race to struggle with back, knee and hip problems due to ineffective [...]

The weight loss secret you have been waiting for

Enough is enough! I can’t take it anymore. Every other day, there is a new method for weight loss that requires no effort and will turn anyone into a supermodel overnight. Obviously these scams continue to exist simply because people always fall for them.
Wake up America! There is no miracle weight loss secret. Stop [...]

Fitness watch: Let technology lead your way to a better you

It is 2009 and this is the year that you are going to get in shape. It is your new year’s resolution and you can’t wait to make it happen. You have already purchased your gym membership (at a discount rate nonetheless) and you have your first appointment with a fitness instructor coming up tomorrow. [...]

Road to fitness

I don’t know how (well actually I do but I will write about this another time) but I managed to put on some weight the last 6 months and it is finally starting to annoy me. I went out to play a bit of soccer with friends a few days ago and I was stunned [...]

Legal steroids for improved fitness: Halotest-25

Steroids have always received a bad reputation by the popular media and just about everyone else. Professional athletes are not allowed to use steroids to improve their performance during a game (not that has actually stopped many of them from using steroids.) The truth is that abusing steroids can negatively impact your health. That said, [...]

Increase your fitness with the proper supplements

It has been more than a month since the new year kicked-in and I bet that most of you made once again the new year’s resolution of losing some weight and improving your overall fitness. And why not? The question is after 6 weeks in the new year, are you still training and eating properly? [...]

Resistance training versus weightlifting

During resistance training, your goal is to move muscle, not weight. Therefore, you should approach each exercise with an entirely different thought process and use a completely different technique. You should attempt to focus solely on your body, on its position throughout the exercise, and on the muscles you are contracting. You should direct very [...]

Measure your fitness level with a body fat scale

There are many different way to assess your fitness level some of which involve the help of a professional trainer or medical personnel. However, if you just want to get an idea of your fitness level without the hassle and for a low cost, then a body fat scale is your best choice. A body [...]

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