Time to buy a new laptop

I’m thinking that it might be time to buy a new laptop to replace my trusty DELL 700m which has served me well for the last 3.5 years. The computer still runs well. I have never had any problems with it. Unfortunately, it has started to show its age. My INSPIRON 700m only has [...]

Football (Soccer) Etiquette

So if you have been following the FIFA Women’s World Cup than you are probably aware of the beating taken by Argentina at the hands of Germany, 11-0. Some internet outlets (who will remain nameless) have questioned if this is a reasonable result or is this just mean-spirited? That is to say that in the [...]

The most common mistake made during the lat pull-down exercise

The lat pull-down exercise is golden when it comes to training your lats (scientifically known as the Latissimus Dorsi muscles.) It is a great exercise for strengthening your back and improving your posture. But this is only true if the exercise is performed correctly. I go to the gym regularly and I have seen numerous [...]

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