15 ways to escape your scrapbooking burnout

Are you suffering from scrapbooking burnout? Are your photos and scrapbooking supplies piling up and you don’t have the motivation to create a single page layout? Here are a few ideas to help you cure your scrapbooking burnout.

Learning a new scrapbooking technique can cure your burnout. Just try a new technique on [...]

Scrapbooking your handwriting in the digital age

Scrabooking is a fun activity for preserving your priceless memories. It is an activity that doesn’t have to cost you a carload of money, especially now that scrapbooking has joined the digital age. The software for creating awe aspiring scrapbooks has existed for a while now. This short article will show you how you can [...]

Family summer vacations

The current economic downturn is certainly going to make it difficult for many families to enjoy a summer vacation like used to in the past. For those who are looking for a break after another year of hard work, a family vacation is certainly the best remedy.
A vacation need not be expensive. There are [...]

How to save your marriage from falling apart

In this article I’m going to share 5 tips to save a marriage. Marriage is one of the happiest and memorable times in our lives. It is a union of not only two individuals, but also of two different upbringings and/or cultures. After a wonderful start of married life, there might be a possibility or [...]

Backyard Ponds Are Calming And Relaxing

Most people would have enjoyed the peace and serenity provided by a backyard pond from time to time. A pond can be a stunning landscape features that makes a backyard seem welcoming and exotic, relaxing and calm. Backyard ponds are an exciting addition to any garden and will provide a focal point for your landscaping [...]

Take your family on a Disney cruise

It is hard to find a fun activity that would keep everyone in your family happy. Most people, old and young have the fondest of memories of Disney because of the many cartoons, comics, and movies that we all come across throughout our lives. Disney cruises offer you the opportunity to give your kids [...]

A simple holiday gift

The holidays are approaching fast and even though the world economy is going down the drain, most of us are still going to partake to the gift buying frenzy of the holiday season. Even though we go through this every year, it is always difficult to find the perfect gift for anyone in your family [...]

Disposable diapers make life easy for parents

I spent a few hours last weekend with friends who recently had their first baby. Of course, I had a great time. At some point, however, the baby needed a change of diaper. My friend promptly replaced the dirty diaper with a new disposable diaper . The process was fast and pain free so to [...]

What is the perfect graduation gift?

Every year, thousands of students graduate whether it is at the grade school or postgraduate level. In the process, thousands of parents, siblings and friends go on the hunt looking for the perfect graduation gift.
Does such a gift exist?
The answer I would give is “it depends.” It depends on what the graduate wants. Some [...]

Having children complicates life

A friend of mine became a father a couple of weeks ago. He and his wife are happy parents of the cutest little girl on this planet. Needless to say, neither were truly prepared for what having a little baby at home entailed. I don’t think the guy has had the chances to sleep for [...]

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