Eco friendly products

There is no denying the fact that we have done a real number on our planet the last 100 years. The more advanced nations are taking big steps forward towards reversing much of the damage done over the duration of the last century but the battle is not yet won. It is important that we [...]

With energy prices rising it is useful to understand solar power costs

The news is filled with discussions of current and future energy problems.  Finding renewable sources of energy is important, and the publicity has made solar panels and power more available to the consumer.  However, there are solar power costs that come with the systems.  It is an environmentally friendly source of power that can be [...]

Take it easy on your holiday lighting decorations

The holidays are practically here and since Black Friday everyone has entered the race for buying gifts for those they know. Sad that the holidays are nothing more than an excuse to spend money but that is a story for another post. What I want to talk about briefly is the holiday home decorations and [...]

Volunteer to help save the environment

If you are interested in saving the environment you are not alone. While it is impossible to do everything on your own, there are some small tasks that can definitely help the environment on both a local and national level. To get started, you may want to become a volunteer with a local organization. Believe [...]

On exotic animals and birds and humans

Having lived in Australia for a few months, I had to try some of the foods not available in North America. Last weekend, I had the chance to taste Kangaroo and Emu meat in a pizza that can be found at the Australian Hotel down at the historic part of Sydney known as The Rocks. [...]

Flexo Solvent recycling

When it comes to recycling, many people only think about items such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans. While it is important that these items are taken care of in the appropriate manner, there are other items that need just as much attention. This is where flexo solvent recycling comes into play.
Many companies use [...]

Low-flow shower heads suck

I may be a bit grumpy this morning because a leaky faucet kept me up all night but I think many will agree with me that low-flow shower heads suck. There is nothing worse than trying to shower the morning after a sleepless night only to suffer the torture of a low-flow shower head. I [...]

Earth Hour today March 29, 2008

Dont’ forget. Join the movement and create awareness about our negative impact on our planet Earth. Turn off your lights with the rest of the world to celebrate Earth Hour.

Earth after the extinction of humans

Ever wonder what Earth would be like if the human population went extinct at some point in the future? By now, you must realize that the impact of our actions on the planet’s ecosystem is huge and far more complicated that what Al Gore says in his documentary. The following video from National Geographic outlines [...]

Vestas wind turbine in Denmark

Check out the video below showing one of many Vestas wind turbines installed in Denmark failing under strong winds. The wind turbines are part of Denmark’s energy plan to produce up to 20% of necessary energy from renewable sources. For some reason which is currently under investigation two wind turbines collapsed during high-wind weather. The [...]

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