One of a kind wrestling move

This is something that you are not likely to see again. This kid performs an amazing and unique wrestling move to pin down his opponent. It is amazing that the kid escaped injury but all things considered equal enjoy the video because you won’t be seeing anyone to the same again. Wrestling can be more [...]

Is it Halloween yet?

I definitely had a bit of a surprise today when the Sun came up after a week of rain and I decide to go out for a walk. As I was returning home, I came across a group of people dressed inrenaissance costumes. The visual took me by surprise because as far as I can [...]

Watch robot chicken episodes online

Robot chicken is certainly a popular TV show. If you want to watch robot chicken episodes online and on demand for free, then there are many websites that carry links to the videos.
Robot chicken is a popular animated (stop motion animation to be exact) TV show that airs on Adult Swim weekly. If you [...]

Yu Gi Oh card game

Yu Gi Oh is a trading card game that has become very popular as of late. Although some areas of the world have taken to this game more than others, it is safe to say that people every find it to be fun and exciting. In fact, the Yu Gi Oh card game is played [...]

Music composition using Windows sounds

What does a creative man do when bored and having access to a computer? He creates a nice piece of music using only the built-in sound of Windows XP and 98. The end results is certainly entertaining. Check out the video below.

EA’s Battlefield Heroes 2142 will be free

Game developer and publisher Electronic Arts has announced that they will be distributing their latest title in the Battlefield franchise for free to gamers. The company will be continuing an experiment they started in Korea when they offered FIFA soccer for free in 2006; this game has been making EA $1 million a month in [...]

Slow motion karate chop

High speed cameras make it possible for us to watch events in slow motion that was never possible before. One amazing example of taking full advantage of a high speed camera is the video below showing a karate master breaking a brick with his hand. In slow motion, you can see how his hand and [...]

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull movie trailer

Dr. Jones will be back on the big screen in a bit over 3 months from today. The latest installment of the Indiana Jones franchise will open in theaters on May 22nd, 2008. Yahoo has the exclusive HD teaser trailer for the movie and you can see a low resolution version embedded in this post [...]

Fun quizzes and gadgets for your blog

There are lots of fun things to do on the Internet anywhere from keeping track of the latest news, connecting with friend, playing games, and participating in forums just to name a few. During one the many days that I have spent surfing the Web, I cam across a nice website with a small but [...]

Writers’ strike coming to an end

News today are that a settlement in the writers’ strike that has crippled TV production is soon to be reached. According to the New York Times, the writers and networks may have found a solution on revenue splitting for shows streamed online. More specifically,
The breakthrough occurred on what many writers regard as a make-or-break [...]

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