The most useless machine

This is easily the most useless machine ever made. When you flip the switch, a small arm comes out of the box and flips the switch again. Brilliant!


I don’t think that anyone watching TV actually believes all the technological mumbo jumbo that TV writers depend on to make their shows sound more scientific. And there is nothing more annoying than the ability of special units to enhance video or images to the point that they can see the reflection of the criminal [...]

DW Serial And Doctor Who Audio Books

If you live in 1 of the most dominant English speaking countries it would have been most likely very difficult for you to of not, at the very least, heard of the Sci-Fi legend Doctor Who! Now that Dr. Who is back on television since 05 after it’s fifteen year absence the show has gotten [...]

Fastest knockout in the history of boxing

I am very much impressed by this fighter known as James Thunder. As you can see from the video below, he knocks out his opponent with the first punch of the heavyweight boxing match only seconds after the start. I would hate to be the guy getting hit. He goes down and loses his head. [...]

The shower head

Has there ever been a funnier TV sitcom since Seinfeld came to an end? Curb You Enthusiasm was just as good but Seinfeld was definitely the better one. All other sitcoms pale in comparison to this gem. I just happened to be browsing ovguide last night and I found all 9 seasons of Seinfeld posted [...]

Looking For Value And Options Choose Comcast Cable TV

With some telecommunications companies, you don't know what to expect.They might offer a decent television service, but leave you feeling dissatisfied with your high speed Internet or phone service.Or, they might only provide 1 or 2 services and leave you with the need to figure out a way to get your other services.  With Comcast [...]

Bruce Lee playing ping pong

Bruce Lee can do anything. After all, he did defeat Chuck Norris and you know none beats him. Check out the video below showing the legendary Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchuck and winning! It is probably computer generated for a commercial in the Far East but still, pretty cool!

Badass a capella

One of the best a capella performances I have come across on YouTube. This one is a tribute to John Williams (a well known American composer) and it features a number of songs that you should be familiar with including Star Wars, Superman, and Jurassic Park. It is a brilliant performance. Enjoy!

Revenge of the bulls

It is not a pretty sight when bulls manage to escape and attack those who torture them and those who enjoy seeing them being tortured. Bullfighting is one of the most controversial sports in modern times. Here are a couple of photos of two animals showing man who the boss is. I would definitely [...]

Battle of the Batmans

There is nothing smart people can’t do with a bit of creative editing. The team did just that creating a parody of the Batman movies trailer focused on a Batman vs Batman type theme. The editing is really well done that one could think that this is a real Batman movie trailer. Very smart [...]

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