Fat burners are a joke

Like everybody else on this planer with a computer and Internet access, I receive a massive amount of email spam on a daily basis. Even the best spam filters often fail since spammers find ways to defeat them. At any rate, much of the email spam I receive is advertising some penis enlargement pills, longer [...]

Diet pills cause more harm than good

I have said repeatedly through this blog that the best method of weight loss is to carefully measure the amount of calories consumed in combination with a well designed exercise program. It is a simple recipe that will cost you next to nothing other than a gym membership; alternatively, you can exercise at the local [...]

Ephburn 25 ECA weight loss supplement

The holidays are approaching fast and I bet you are already thinking of how you can lose a few pounds in the few weeks remaining. The best method for healthy and sustained weight loss is a proper diet and exercise. However, some people can use some additional help. Such people often go for any of [...]

MyFoodPhone: Food nutrition advice via mobile phone

The World Wide Web is slowly becoming what early entrepreneurs wanted it to become before the dot com bubble burst in 2000. These days, more and more services that none thought would be doable over the Internet are becoming a reality. Take for example myFoodPhone Nutrition Inc. who take a unique approach to offering food [...]

Hot Peppers

A boost to the Indian economy is in the works with the popularity a chili pepper called the bhut jolokia aka the ghost chili, grown in the indian state Assam it is apparently the hottest pepper on record. The hotness of a pepper is measured in Scoville units (named after the American chemist who devised [...]

Alli diet pill promises weight loss miracle

For a couple of weeks now, there is a new over the counter diet pill available in the U.S. tooted as the miracle diet pill that everyone was waiting for. The diet pill is alli and it is produced by GlaxoSmithKline; did I also mention that it is approved by the FDA? Well, it is [...]

Gourmet eating with white asparagus

Most of you are already familiar with green asparagus that can be found in abundance at any grocery store. There is a variety of asparagus that is grown in a way that it never grows green and instead remains white. This gourmet asparagus has a milder more refined taste compared to the green plant; the [...]

Build muscle with a high protein diet

If you are trying to build muscle then follow the bodybuilders’ example and augment your exercise program with a high protein diet. High protein diets emphasize calories from protein over carbohydrates and fat. The rationale behind high protein diets is that carbohydrates cause swings in blood sugar that can encourage your body to create body [...]

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