High Intensity Discharge (HID) car lighting

I am one of those people who believe that cars are a waste of money for most people who do not need them for professional reasons. In general, I also feel that people and especially the young waste way too much money on upgrading their cars with different kits that are all show and no [...]

My Ongoing Quest For Cheap Car Insurance

Looking for cheap car insurance it is definitely challenging finding a discount for all the services that you’ll need on a daily basis , and when you’re looking for cheap car insurance, you’ll want to know all the places that offer affordable insurance with great features.
Finding inexpensive auto insurance It can be tough to find [...]

Protect your car even if you do not have a garage

If you happen to belong to the group of people who own a house but for whatever reason does not have a garage, or if you have too many cars and you run out of space in your garage, then consider investing in a carport. Steel carports are durable and easy to install by [...]

If you are going to buy a car do your research

The US government’s 700 billion dollar bail-out of the country’s financial institutions had little effect in the markets which continued to move down in the last day of trading this week. You’d think that this would prevent people from wasting money on things like cars but I guess it isn’t. If you decide to buy [...]

The American dream car

Nothing yells America more strongly than a classic muscle car. And nothing says it better than a pimped out Mustang. I have said before that a friend of mine is a car nut and that he spends all his money and time on his car.
He has purchased a myriad of Mustang accessories to [...]

Ferrari versus Lamborghini

Which one is best: Ferrari or Lamborghini? Honestly, who cares? If I had access to either car I’d be happier than words can possibly describe. But alas, I have neither and so I have to be content watching these beautiful machines on video. One day, man, one day!

Keeping the value of your car high

I wrote a couple of day ago about selling my used car. I managed to get a good deal for it because the car was well maintained even though it had been on the road for 18 years. In general, a car is not an investment and one should never purchase a car for this [...]

Selling a used car: How to set the price and write your ad

I recently sold my car which I owned for 4.5 years; the car was a 1991 Honda Civic which I had purchased used. Selling a used car is an interesting experience and I thought I share some of that with you.
The first thing to selling a used car is to figure out what the [...]

Following trucks on the freeway

If you want a reason to avoid following or even driving near trucks (or other large vehicles) on the freeway then just watch the video below. The guy driving the pickup truck was fortunate that his trailer carrying the larger truck did not tip over. It could have turned ugly for him and other drivers [...]

Finding affordable car insurance online

Owning a car is a large expense and a huge hassle. Sometimes, I think that the trouble and expenses associated with car ownership are higher than its benefits. Finding affordable car insurance is one of the most difficult tasks faced by car owners.
Thankfully, CarInsuranceRates.com provides a comprehensive repository for online car insurance information. This [...]

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