Health insurance is a big business

Health insurance is probably one of the biggest business out there. For those nations such as the United States that don’t have universal health coverage for all citizens, numerous companies are profiting greatly from selling expensive health insurance to millions of people every year. Ads for “affordable” insurance are always on TV, magazines, newspapers [...]

The superclass is laughing their way to the bank. Are you?

The recent worldwide economic downturn has the middle and lower classes paying the price for the mistakes, mismanagement and greed of the global superclass. The most worrisome thing about the vulnerability of the U.S. economy is the extent of official understatement and misstatement, i.e., the preference for minimizing how many problems there and how interconnected [...]

AIG bosses return bonuses

The AIG bosses have finally succumbed to pressure and returned some $50 million dollars in bonuses that they recently received only God knows for what reason since they have practically ruined the company over the last few years. The recent economic downturn has hurt everyone and will continue to do so for at least one [...]

Escape the recession with a franchise

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few months, you know that the world economy has been going down the drain and that a worldwide recession is in the works. Recession is one of those accursed words that by mere utterance can raise the arm hair of politicians, businessmen, and average [...]

JPMorgan Chase gets Bear Stearns for free (practically)

It’s all over the news tonight but apparently JPMorgan Chase will be purchasing ailing Bear Stearns for a huge discount compared to the latter’s stock price last Friday; in fact, the discount is 93% as JPMorgan has offered $2 per share compared to the $30 closing price on the New York Stock Exchange last Friday. [...]

Buying a franchise

Are you interested in buying a franchise? If so, you have a lot of work ahead of you. While this may not sound difficult to do, anytime that you are getting involved with a franchise there is a lot to consider. The fact of the matter is that you are starting your own business. And [...]

Time Warner AOL split

The new CEO of Time Warner Inc Jeff Bewkes has decided to divide AOL’s online access and advertising business and probably spinning off the rest of the company’s other division (the cable division). The move main purpose is to separate AOL’s online advertising business from there dial-up business. This could make room for a switch [...]

Microsoft’s big loss

Earlier this week, Microsoft made a huge offer to buy Yahoo. They offered $40 billion dollars for the Internet behemoth hoping to make themselves into a player in the new Internet economy. Microsoft has struggled during the last few years to catch up with rival Google (rival only in Internet business because Microsoft does a [...]

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