Atheist poster

This “motivational poster” about atheism sprinkled with Epicurus’ words is just pure gold!
Atheists: Winning since 33 A.D.

PS: Epicurus is a Greek philosopher who was born in the island of Samos in 341 BC and died in ancient Athens between in 270 BC but not before authoring 300 books and schooling many in Epicureanism.

Bill Maher interviews Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins appeared on Bill Maher’s show live via satellite on April 11th. It was a brief but entertaining interview. Dawkins is one of the best people to hear talking and this one interview was just perfect. Video of the interview below.

Keith Olbermann’s worst person in the world

I think the video speaks for itself. This woman (who as it happens is the Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis) actually believes that Atheism is a dangerous philosophy which seeks to destroy the perfect world that was created by her and religious zealots just like her. She is a very stupid person and she certainly [...]

An atheist’s miracle

Many believe that atheists don’t believe in miracle and I guess the fact that they so exclaim every chance they get, it is not hard to accept that it is true. An atheist miracle happened recently, however, and even though it did not receive widespread coverage by the popular media at least one website has [...]

Obama on religion

Interesting speech by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Watch it and draw your own conclusions.

Dawkins summarizes The God Delusion

The video below shows Oxford professor Richard Dawkins summarizing his very popular book The God Delusion. In his book, Dawkins uses reason to show that belief in a God (any God but his focus is mostly on the God of the Abrahamic religions) makes little sense since there is no evidence to support the hypothesis [...]

Christopher Hitchens crashes Timothy Jackson

Chrisopher Hitchens, the author of the brilliant God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, recently debated with Timothy Jackson, professor of Christian ethics at Emory University, on the issue of religion and beliefs. Hitchens has participated in a number of such debates continuously crashing his opposition with logic. You can watch the more than [...]

Lessons about Christians from the Rambo movie

I finally watched the new Rambo movie last night. The movie was unfortunately just plain terrible and mostly a waste of time and money. That said, there is at least a few things that I have learned from it and surprisingly it is about Christians.
So, what lessons can we learn about Christians from watching the [...]

God inspires cannibal

When your most sacred book tells the story of a father who tried to sacrifice his own son in order to please his God, then one should not be surprised that a man in Texas murdered, sliced and cooked his girlfriend under the idea that this was an instruction from God. The gruesome story details [...]

Acceptance of evolution theory in western countries

National Geographic has published the following graph showing the acceptance of Darwin’s theory of evolution in western countries. The graph was generated using data from 2005. Sadly, the United States which is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) nation on this planet rates second last barely above Turkey. In the US, [...]

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