Acne treatments are such a joke

Posted on September 7, 2009
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I am starting to think that second to the miracle weight loss pill scam are the miracle acne treatment scams. Every other day there is a new product in the market that promises to help teenagers eliminate acne in a few days. Over the years I have seen crazy treatments hailed as modern miracles such as electrically zapping pimples to destroy them at their very root. Of course, there are also an unlimited number of facial scrubs and soaps that promise to cure a teenager’s acne in just a few days.

None of these treatments really work and the few that might help a bit are only of some use to the people with the most mild cases of acne.

People need to accept that acne is a fact of life and all generations have to deal with it. There are some cures for severe cases which involve having to see a doctor first. These treatments require that a person takes medication that can have severe side effects and so are ofter a last resort rather than a first choice; and usually doctors will not prescribe for none but the most severe cases.

Teenagers, stop worrying about skin deep issues and enjoy your youth. You’ll regret when it’s gone.


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