Tips for improving your golf swing

Posted on August 7, 2009
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Tiger Woods golf swingOne of the questions that I think a lot of people would like to know is, “how long will it take to fix my swing.” Below, I have outlined the various methods. After reading them, it’s up to you to decide which approach you will take.

Swing Fix 1: Buying New Equipment

At one time or another, most golfers have thought the buying new clubs was going to instantly change their game. Now, I don’t want to totally discount this fix because buying new clubs can improve your golf game if you’re playing the wrong clubs, or your clubs are not properly fitted to you and your swing. What you should do, is find an experienced clubfitter and have your clubs fitted and your swing checked.

Buying new clubs gives you a quick fix in another way. New club give you a different feeling from your old clubs. This means that when you hit shots with them, you’re thinking so much about how the new club feels that you aren’t thinking of how you’re swinging. This totally clears your mind but it’s only temporary.A couple of weeks after using your new clubs, they don’t feel all that different so you start thinking about your swing again. My advice here is to quit trying new clubs.

As I mentioned earlier, try to find a professional clubfitter and get fitted.Once you do that, you really should focus on your swing.

Swing Fix 2: Trying Different Swing Tips

We’ve all picked up the latest golf magazine and tried the latest free golf tips hoping they will magically get our game back on track.The thing is, most golfers are not experienced enough to determine if these tips would benefit their swing. If you don’t know your swing well enough, and you try these tips, you may actually be making your swing worse. Plus, a tip is just a tip.It’s not certain that it’s going to help develop the proper fundamentals.

An example would be to try a stronger grip. Although this tip may cause the face to square better through impact, it isn’t the correct grip.You should be very careful the next time you go to work on the latest tip you find in a magazine, or from your buddy. A good idea would be to discuss the tip with your head pro or teaching pro first to see if it would be a good fit for your game.Only then should you try it.It it works, that’s fantastic!

Swing Fix 3: No Focus

So many people are looking for the instant answer that they fall into the trap of trying way too many things all at once.This approach will never work. Unfortunately, this is only going to lead to confusion.Plus, you may end up trying so many different things that you forget what actually worked.It may have been luck even if you did find something that worked.The way you can truly know if this approach is working is if your game improves well into the future.

Swing Fix 4: Working on One Thing at a Time

The best thing you can do to fix your golf swing is to work on one thing until you have it mastered. In doing so, you stay focused only on that thing which means you aren’t going to experiment and try 5 different things at once.If you’re going to work on your swing this way, then you are going to need a swing coach or a method to follow. By focusing on your swing like this, you’ll reinforce the changes because you won’t be getting sidetracked.I know, most golfers think this is going to take a long time. When compared to the other fixes I mentioned, this really will be the fastest.

That’s because the other tips only give you a temporary fix whereas, working on each piece of your swing, develops proper fundamentals that you can take with you long into the future.


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