Fastin diet pill makes big promises but can it deliver

Sometimes, it feels like there is a new diet pill introduced to the market every week. Sure, obesity is a huge problem in North America and other parts of the world but after years of companies selling miracle diet pills that can help people lose weight with no exercise and failing, why are people still [...]

Scrapbooking your handwriting in the digital age

Scrabooking is a fun activity for preserving your priceless memories. It is an activity that doesn’t have to cost you a carload of money, especially now that scrapbooking has joined the digital age. The software for creating awe aspiring scrapbooks has existed for a while now. This short article will show you how you can [...]

How to find a job in difficult economic times

We are living some hard times at the moment. Since the debt crisis that hit the entire world hard last year, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in the United States and every where else. People are losing their houses and their jobs at the same time. Those who had enough money save [...]

Why people retire poor

It is unbelievable the number of things people do to guarantee that they will retire poor. Every day that goes by I come across a new example of poor money management by people educated and not. Let me give you a recent example that took place in Australia.
A few months ago, the Australian government announced [...]

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