It’s a decision that I have to make sooner than later

Posted on May 19, 2009
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I am seating here looking at my gut and reading a Lipofuze review (another miracle, fat-busting, diet pill) felling miserable about myself and the extra weight I gained the last few months. It was my goal about 4 months ago to get back in shape but with all the stress from work and a number of events that made a mess of my personal life, I totally missed my weight loss target for the spring of 2009.

Now, all I can do is feel depressed about the extra few inches added to my midsection and my inability to go up the stairs at work without losing my breath in the process. It is really time to do something about that before it is truly too later. I opened an account at to keep track of the calories I consume and the amount of calories that I burn exercising. The site is nice because it keeps track of my stats over long periods of time along with nice goal graphs that if anything can be motivating. I also picked up a bathroom scale to measure my weight every day to make sure that I don’t lose sight of my targets but also to monitor my weekly progress.

I will be hitting the gym 5 days a week. I am busy at work and the stress is not going to go away but I will probably be better off exercising in the evening that staying at home and eating junk food. I definitely won’t be using any diet or weight loss pills. My goal is to reach my target of 165 lbs in 4 months time which means that I have to shed 1 lbs per week. A reasonably target that according to most articles that I have read is not going to compromise my health.

So, here we go!


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