Damn that Sun

Posted on May 15, 2009
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I’m all for the significance of the Cosmos and the vast insignificance of humans and other living things on this planet but sometimes the little things that I should not care about seriously piss me off. Let me explain.

Recently, as in about a year ago, I moved to Sydney Australia. Not a bad looking city even though some mountains in the background would certainly help make the city look a bit nicer. Sydney harbor is certainly one of the nicest natural harbors I have ever seen. And the weather is very nice with mild winters and hot summers encouraging the locals and visitors to hit the local beaches every weekend. But the Sun is also the one thing in Sydney that seriously annoys me.

It is unbelievable how easily the Sun burns your skin in the summer. Even when applying a thick layer of sunblock there is little escape from the Sun’s rays. I guess it doesn’t help that the ozone layer is mostly depleted in the Southern hemisphere not filtering the dangerous UV rays from reaching the Earth’s surface. And it really gets annoying when temperatures reach and surpass 30 degrees Celsius above zero and you can’t go to the beach because of the sunburn you inherited the last time you were there.

Not to mention of course that all that exposure to UV radiation is not good for your skin long term and can cause skin cancer. And your average skin care products don’t do much to protect you from such nasty consequences although often can relieve some of the short term effects of sunburns.

I guess at the end of the day there is no such thing as a free lunch. You can either live in Canada and freeze to death for most of the year or live in Australia and fry your skin or die a horrible death in the hands of skin cancer. But I had to write about it because I now feel so much better about the whole situation.


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