Getting older sucks

Posted on May 10, 2009
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Life and workIt seems that these days every time I look in the mirror I see even more gray hair and more wrinkles all over my face. I am getting older and there is no denying it. When we are young all we want to do is to get older fast so that we can enjoy all the freedoms adults have; we want to be independent. But with adulthood come increased responsibilities that reduce our freedoms, those freedoms that we forget to enjoy when young.

Now, we have to spend the better part of our days working in hopes that we will be given a tiny wage increase at the end of the year or maybe that ever elusive promotion. We work nonstop putting up with office politics dreaming for the 2 weeks of vacation that we are entitled too just so that we can (hopefully) enjoy some of those freedoms that we took for granted when growing up.

Seeing all that gray hair and wrinkles in the mirror reminds me of the ignorance of youth. Oh, how was that wasted in meaningless activities playing video games, watching TV, surfing the World Wide Web, or just seating around doing nothing all day. Sure, I can use my Internet skills to find the best wrinkle cream in the market to try and give myself the impression that I am winning the war against time or I can just start living life. No more wasted weekends and evening in front of the TV. No more stressing about office politics and meaningless job issues.

It is time to live life to its fullest. Who is with me?


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