Health insurance is a big business

Health insurance is probably one of the biggest business out there. For those nations such as the United States that don’t have universal health coverage for all citizens, numerous companies are profiting greatly from selling expensive health insurance to millions of people every year. Ads for “affordable” insurance are always on TV, magazines, newspapers [...]

The weight loss secret you have been waiting for

Enough is enough! I can’t take it anymore. Every other day, there is a new method for weight loss that requires no effort and will turn anyone into a supermodel overnight. Obviously these scams continue to exist simply because people always fall for them.
Wake up America! There is no miracle weight loss secret. Stop [...]

Family summer vacations

The current economic downturn is certainly going to make it difficult for many families to enjoy a summer vacation like used to in the past. For those who are looking for a break after another year of hard work, a family vacation is certainly the best remedy.
A vacation need not be expensive. There are [...]

Eco friendly products

There is no denying the fact that we have done a real number on our planet the last 100 years. The more advanced nations are taking big steps forward towards reversing much of the damage done over the duration of the last century but the battle is not yet won. It is important that we [...]

Gifts for your significant other

Buying gifts for other people is probably the most difficult task in the world. I don’t think that I have been very successful in selecting a gift that actually makes someone else happy whether family, friend, or girlfriend. People are never happy with their gift regardless on how much time, effort and money you dedicate [...]

Giving up beer for wine

I have to admit that I have never truly enjoyed drinking beer. I mean, I can drink it every now and then with food that makes you want it but in general, I never felt like I really wanted to have it. I drink beer when I go out with friends because they all do [...]

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