Moth traps save the day

Posted on March 13, 2009
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bogong-mothI can’t take moth infestations or any other kind of insect infestation. I hate the little buggers cruising around my unit. Living in Australia, I have to deal with all kinds of insects on a daily basis. Moths are only the most recent of annoyances to ruin my days.

So, I decided to get rid of them using moth traps by Catchmaster. Don’t be fooled! Most moth traps are completely useless and odds are that you are just wasting your money. Not these neat little devices by Catchmaster which do a great job in trapping moths. The trap works by attracting male moths using sex pheromones; if there is anything the males of any species are attracted too is sex so you know this is a good product. How they were able to synthesize moth sex pheromone is beyond me but I bet some stereotypical scientist spent lots of time buried in books in some dark laboratory to make it work. And it so works. Within a few days, I had my moth problem solved. Now, I only have to figure out ways to get rid of all the other bugs that somehow make their way into my unit.


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