The superclass is laughing their way to the bank. Are you?

The recent worldwide economic downturn has the middle and lower classes paying the price for the mistakes, mismanagement and greed of the global superclass. The most worrisome thing about the vulnerability of the U.S. economy is the extent of official understatement and misstatement, i.e., the preference for minimizing how many problems there and how interconnected [...]

Home Wine Making

Many people love to sample different types of wine, but sometimes, you just can not find one you really enjoy. Homemade fruit wine making is the one way to experiment with different fruits and juices to make a wine you like.
Once you have all the equipment and a recipe book, you can begin your venture [...]

AIG bosses return bonuses

The AIG bosses have finally succumbed to pressure and returned some $50 million dollars in bonuses that they recently received only God knows for what reason since they have practically ruined the company over the last few years. The recent economic downturn has hurt everyone and will continue to do so for at least one [...]

When a door closes…

The economic downturn has been hurting everybody for the last six months. It’s hurting you, me, and your next neighbor. It’s hurting home owners all over the world, manufacturing employees, the small and large business owner. So, everybody is in trouble. However, where a door closes a window opens. In other words, there is opportunity [...]

What I learned by watching movies

I love going to the movies. Most people do. I watch just about everything good or bad. I know it sounds crazy but I am a true movie aficionado and I don’t mind spending a bit of money to watch a bad movie; if anything, it gives me something to make fun of the next [...]

Ivy League Admission Rates

If you are interested in attending an Ivy League college, you should check out the admission rates before you spend too much time on other research. The fact of the matter is that only a small percentage of those who apply will actually gain admission to one of eight Ivy League schools.
Although every Ivy League [...]

Moth traps save the day

I can’t take moth infestations or any other kind of insect infestation. I hate the little buggers cruising around my unit. Living in Australia, I have to deal with all kinds of insects on a daily basis. Moths are only the most recent of annoyances to ruin my days.
So, I decided to get rid of [...]

Textbooks are too expensive

When I finished high school and went to University, I had to pay tuition fees. In Canada, tuition fees in the nineties used to be very affordable for those fortunate enough to be citizens. I am a Canadian citizen and as such my tuition fees were about $2500 per year. Not bad compared to tuition [...]

Time to buy a new couch

I am not a decor freak and I keep the furniture situation at home to the minimum. I can’t imagine spending thousands of dollars on expensive furniture that I will hardly use. Let’s face it. I spent the better part of my days Monday to Friday at work. I am at home only in the [...]

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