Television’s revenge on me

Posted on February 20, 2009
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I have written many times in the past about the fact that I don’t have a TV and I don’t care to ever own one in the future. Honestly, I am very proud of not having one because I am not wasting my time watching re-runs of old shows or new reality shows that have as many thrills as a game of cricket. Not having a TV makes it hard to watch live sports but thankfully the Internet and the local bars fill this void just perfectly. So how did TV took revenge on me?

Well, I was visiting a friend of mine the other day and needless to say he has a TV (statistically, any person on this planet is most likely to have one than not.) A number of my friends got together at his place to plan on the celebrations of another friend’s birthday. So, after spending a couple of hours doing everything but plan for the birthday party (mostly we were talking about women trying to figure out which celebrity has the best pair of jugs,) including consuming a considerable amount of poorly brewed beer. As I stood up to make one of many trips to the bathroom, I tripped and I smashed my leg on the tv stand. Boy, did that hurt! I’m limping from that hit two days later. I have to admit that if TV wanted to take revenge upon me for not having one while encouraging everyone I know to get rid of theirs, it certainly succeeded.

On that note, get rid of your TV now!


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