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Posted on February 17, 2009
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If you live in 1 of the most dominant English speaking countries it would have been most likely very difficult for you to of not, at the very least, heard of the Sci-Fi legend Doctor Who! Now that Dr. Who is back on television since 05 after it’s fifteen year absence the show has gotten to be pretty popular once more, so mush so in fact that even the sci-fi channel has taken an interest in the TV series.

Dr. Who all started in November 1963 when it’s 1st episode aired on TV taking the Doctor and his companions back into the past where they helped some cavemen to make the discovery of fire. When you take into account the totally new serial DW is currently the longest running Sci-Fi serial of all time!

During the mid 70s the BBC expanded Doctor Who onto the audio median making the first Doctor Who Audio. When it all started the BBC solely created soundtracks from the original television series & then had the Drs of the time add some linking narration to unify the dialog for the listener. It wasn’t long before the BBC decided to take the audio releases to the next level by releasing audio book stories solely for Audio release.

Additionally the Dr. Who Audio family was extended with the release of Audio Books from episodes that had solely appeared on the radio. Also a lot of of the lost stories have been re created by their original Drs in the Audio format making them once more available to the public once more. Currently the BBC’s Doctor Who Audio collection has over 50 titles all available in top notch Digital format at a reduced download price! The collection spans all the way though the first Doctor right up until the present Doctor, David Tennant. Additionally Torchwood Audiobooks & Sarah Jane Audio Books have also been added recently.

In today’s world audio is even more popular than ever thanks to MP3 players. Audio Books help us to obtain more out of our increasingly busier days, as we can easily listen to them while involved in additional everyday chores like working out, house work, driving, and other activities that permit multitasking. Another reason why individuals like Doctor Who audio is because in many cases the audio episodes are now read by the actors of the serial.

The way things stand right now it looks like DW and its spin-off show torchwood and the Sarah Jane adventures are doing extremely well so things look good for fans to be able to be entertained by them for some years to come.


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