Understanding The Mental Game Of Golf

Posted on January 7, 2009
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As golf players, we are always pushing to perfect our game. It is a continual battle for improvement that seams never ending. Even the professional golfers are constantly working on their game. When you see even the pros struggling to maintain a constant level, that shows you how difficult golf can be.

Why is it that only about 5% of all the golfers in the World can break 70? Do those golfers have something that we do not? According to golf manufacturers and their advertising claims, we need the same expensive golf equipment that the pros use to play to their level.

That obviously is marketing hype, as you can now pick up the same driver that a PGA star used last year for under $200. So, many of us do have technologically advanced clubs and golf balls that the pros use; why are we still unable to break 70 or even 80?

30 years ago 25% of golfers broke 90 and today that number has only risen to 28%. Billions have been spent on developing new technologically advanced golf clubs and balls. Billions have also been spent by advertisers trying to push these products to the struggling golfers.

There are clubs today that are easier to play, have over-sized heads, are more forgiving to miss-hits, plus golf balls that can fly straighter and further. Yet the vast majority of golfers are still struggling to break 90! It appears that the perfect golf game can not be bought; not even with the dozens of new golf training aids, modern instruction methods, or the many golf swing guides.

What is the thing that the top 5% of golfers know that we don’t. It appears that that “thing” that they possess is mastery of the Mental Game of Golf. That is the missing ingredient that can promote the quickest and most lasting change in any golfer’s game. This is the only area of golf that doesn’t cost a penny to use, so it is interesting that barely anyone uses it.

The mental golf game: Using your mind in a calculated, methodical and focused way is the surest method of improving your game and lowering your scores. Mastering the Inner Game of Golf can do wonders for your game. But you have to understand how to implement the methods.

When you do, you will have have clear focus and mental toughness, be able to control your attention, cure your golf nerves and anxiety, eliminate anger from your game, and have confidence in yourself and your game – amongst other factors.

Familiarity of the inner game of golf is what separates the top 5% of golfers from the rest of us weekend warriors. You can see it in action on the PGA Tour because all those guys have access to the same equipment, golf swing gurus, and putting instructors. The difference between them comes down to how well they master their mental game of golf during each tournament.

Obviously, at their level and with all the pressure and media coverage, it is difficult for them to maintain high levels of concentration and focus week after week, year after year. That is why even the likes of Tiger Woods can not win every major in a year or even dominate the majority of events in a season, every season.

But for weekend golfers like us, understanding and using mental golf techniques can have an immediate and long lasting positive affect on our playing level. It is the fastest way to take your game to the next level and lower your golf scores.


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