A rifle scope for Christmas

Posted on December 27, 2008
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Is there any better way to celebrate the holidays other than a gift that helps one take a life with so much more ease? You bet there is; it is just about any other way. But try telling that to a friend of mine who is a serious gun nut. Back in November, we casually talked about what kind of gift would be ideal for us this year. I said that I would love a good book to read. He said he wanted some state-of-the-art rifle scope for his hunting expeditions.

He went on to talk for more than an hour about Nightforce rifle scopes. Apparently, his ability to take the lives of animals would be so much more improved with on of these on his rifle. He is crazy as far as I am concerned but just in case I went to check out the cost for one of these. A good rifle scope will set you back more than $1000! In this tough economic times? Dream on! I just bought him a book on hunting. I don’t think he liked it.


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