How to lose two hats in one day

Posted on November 8, 2008
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As far as hats are concerned, I definitely had a bad day yesterday. I somehow managed to lose two hats in the span of a couple of hours. Here is what happened in a nutshell.

I was on my way to sailing class and as usual I had to take the train. I took my sailing hat with me and I was holding it in my hand. In the train, for some reason, I had to rest my hat on the seat next to me. When I finally reached my destination, I got up and exited the train but I forgot my hat on the seat. Bummer!

Worst of all, it was a very sunny day and I needed a hat in order to prevent the Sun from burning my skin. So, on the way to the marina, I stopped and purchased a replacement hat (a visor, actually) to the tune of $25.

Eventually, we got on the boat and we started our sailing lesson. We were at the half way mark of a 3-hour lesson when a gust of wind blew the hat off my head and into the water. Our instructor tried some nifty maneuvers to try and retrieve the hat from the water but it was too late. There goes my new visor less than 2 hours from purchase.

Yesterday was not the best day for hats I owned.


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