Adult acne happens

We tend to associate acne problems with youth. Few people realize that even adults can develop acne; in some cases, this can happen to adults who never experienced acne when young. For example, women may develop acne due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.
Adult acne can lead to skin scaring and as such utilizing an [...]

Who steals office supplies these days?

Funny thing happened at work today. One of our secretaries discovered that someone is stealing office supplies from us. Considering that our building is secure and only people with the proper access cards can get in, someone in our office is the one stealing. Who steals office supplies these days? Honestly, what is one [...]

Disposable diapers make life easy for parents

I spent a few hours last weekend with friends who recently had their first baby. Of course, I had a great time. At some point, however, the baby needed a change of diaper. My friend promptly replaced the dirty diaper with a new disposable diaper . The process was fast and pain free so to [...]

An effective acne treatment

There are many products out there promising to treat your acne in just a few days and with only a few applications of the product. The truth is that most of these don’t work as well as advertised for most people. To find an effective acne treatment for yourself, you have to first establish [...]

Vacation’s most essential component

Let me tell you what the most essential component of your vacation is. It is a memory cards for your digital camera. Why, do you ask? Because these days we all have a digital camera and we take photos nonstop. Because we don’t have to worry about paying more money to develop the film, we [...]

Drug rehab done right

Substance abuse issues are often triggered by long-term emotional or psychological problems. These problems are not easy to deal with. When a person decides to enter into a drug rehab facility, he/she should have access to a team of professionals who knows how to address such serious issues. This is the only way to [...]

Time to buy a new laptop

I’m thinking that it might be time to buy a new laptop to replace my trusty DELL 700m which has served me well for the last 3.5 years. The computer still runs well. I have never had any problems with it. Unfortunately, it has started to show its age. My INSPIRON 700m only has [...]

Wasting time on the Internet

I don’t have a TV because I hate wasting my time watching the trash that is on these days (or at least were on a few years ago when I still had a TV.) Today I realized that maybe I am wasting too much of my time doing something different. More specifically, I think I [...]

What is the perfect graduation gift?

Every year, thousands of students graduate whether it is at the grade school or postgraduate level. In the process, thousands of parents, siblings and friends go on the hunt looking for the perfect graduation gift.
Does such a gift exist?
The answer I would give is “it depends.” It depends on what the graduate wants. Some [...]

Contact lenses and eyeglasses

A couple of years ago, I started wearing contact lenses. The truth is that my vision started to deteriorate when I was 16 years old but I never bothered to do anything about it until I was 30. My vision was only a bit blurry and my optometrist suggested that wearing glasses might actually make [...]

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