Witnessing a bar fight

Posted on July 10, 2008
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I certainly had an interesting night last weekend witnessing a bar fight for the time in my life. So what happened? I was at this bar on Saturday night and everything was normal with people having a few drinks and lots of fan. It seems, however, that some blocks had one too many drinks and all of a sudden started throwing punches.

I have not idea what started the fight because I was looking in the opposite directions when it all started. There were two groups of people mixed male and female and at first only 2 were fighting which mostly involved yelling and pushing each other. Then, out of the blue, one of the girls picked up some pool balls and threw them at one of the guys fighting. All hell broke lose after that and everyone in the two groups got involved throwing punches, kicking, and pulling hair. A couple of the bar staff got involved and tried to break the fight but it just made things worse.

The event lasted about 10 minutes and it was not until the police came that everyone more or less calmed down. Lots of bruised people and bleeding noses could be seen among the two groups that turned the bar into a boxing ring. An ambulance came to offer first aid and then the police escorted the trouble makers out of the bar and my guess is to the local station.

Luckily, none of the people not in the two groups was hurt. More importantly, people did not have knives or guns and the whole event ended with just a few broken noses rather than dead bodies. The night went on for the rest of us but it was partly ruined because the fight was the only thing people talked about. Well, it was my first bar fight and even if I was not involved, it was interesting to experience. I hope I won’t have to experience it again.


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