The perfect gift for your girlfriend

Let’s face it. It is hard to please a woman no matter what you do. Whenever some anniversary or birthday comes along and you have to buy her a gift, you know that you are going to fail. What you have to be aiming for is to minimize her displeasure with you by buying the [...]

Having children complicates life

A friend of mine became a father a couple of weeks ago. He and his wife are happy parents of the cutest little girl on this planet. Needless to say, neither were truly prepared for what having a little baby at home entailed. I don’t think the guy has had the chances to sleep for [...]

You can still find a low interest rate mortgage

I know that the market doesn’t look all that great right now with the subprime loan crisis that has taken its toll on the real estate market but there is still hope. Many people have lost their homes and many others will lose them sooner or later as they default on their loan payments. Many [...]

Road to fitness

I don’t know how (well actually I do but I will write about this another time) but I managed to put on some weight the last 6 months and it is finally starting to annoy me. I went out to play a bit of soccer with friends a few days ago and I was stunned [...]

How to get the most of young athletes

I have done a bit of soccer coaching in my time and I always enjoyed it. One of the most difficult aspects of youth sports is actually keeping the kids interested. There are so many other things they could be doing instead of exercising such as playing video games or watching TV that it can [...]

Witnessing a bar fight

I certainly had an interesting night last weekend witnessing a bar fight for the time in my life. So what happened? I was at this bar on Saturday night and everything was normal with people having a few drinks and lots of fan. It seems, however, that some blocks had one too many drinks and [...]

Sony Vaio: My first laptop computer

I was typing an essay for work earlier today on my trusty Dell Inspiron 700m laptop computer and I got to thinking about my first ever portable computer. I have had my Dell for about 3 years now and so far (knock on wood) has served me well and I hope it will continue to [...]

On exotic animals and birds and humans

Having lived in Australia for a few months, I had to try some of the foods not available in North America. Last weekend, I had the chance to taste Kangaroo and Emu meat in a pizza that can be found at the Australian Hotel down at the historic part of Sydney known as The Rocks. [...]


Marriage is tough. I know it; you know it; everybody knows it. Marriage is so hard that it is funny to the point that stand up comedians use it endlessly for new material. IF you ever attend a stand-up comedy act the subject will at some point become marriage with topics ranging from decision making [...]

Simple trick to make your computer faster

Do you find that your computer is running slower than it used to? Do you want to make it run faster without spending a fortune to upgrade to a new system? If you answered yes to both of these questions then keep reading because I will now teach you a simple trick to get more [...]

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