Battle of the Batmans

There is nothing smart people can’t do with a bit of creative editing. The team did just that creating a parody of the Batman movies trailer focused on a Batman vs Batman type theme. The editing is really well done that one could think that this is a real Batman movie trailer. Very smart [...]

One of a kind wrestling move

This is something that you are not likely to see again. This kid performs an amazing and unique wrestling move to pin down his opponent. It is amazing that the kid escaped injury but all things considered equal enjoy the video because you won’t be seeing anyone to the same again. Wrestling can be more [...]

Building a secure and easy to manage network is hard work

I don’t want to repeat the title of this post, but there is no other statement more true than saying that building a secure network is a lot of hard work. Most people have a hard time configuring a simple wireless network with home coverage so you can imagine how hard it is for corporations [...]

Riding horses for a hobby

I have to admit that horseback riding is one thing that I have always wanted to do but I never got around doing it. So, I decided to change this recently so I started looking around for a place where I could do this safely. I was able to do as much and ride for [...]

Convenient HD backups with a USB flash drive

It is well known that HD storage has been getting cheaper by the minute since the eighties to the point that for a couple of hundred dollars one can buy a hard drive with half a terabyte (or more) capacity (equally the price of a high capacity memory stick that is volatile memory for your [...]

The insurance scam

It is unbelievable and I think I may have written about this before but insurance is the biggest scam on Earth. I remember a time when people lived full lives without fearing death every second. Sure, you can die at any time but do you really need insurance to cover every possible cause of death? [...]

The truth about weight loss

I am starting to seriously lose faith in humans. Weight loss is probably one of the most common and often talked subject of all times in modern history. People are getting fat by the minute simply because they have little ability to control how much they eat and exercise. The secret to effective weight loss [...]

Please use a Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone when driving

I was almost run over by a drive today on my way to work. This person happened to be talking on his mobile phone while turning into pedestrian traffic. The problem was, the he was holding the phone on the side that I was standing and the device was essentially blocking half his field of [...]

Is it Halloween yet?

I definitely had a bit of a surprise today when the Sun came up after a week of rain and I decide to go out for a walk. As I was returning home, I came across a group of people dressed inrenaissance costumes. The visual took me by surprise because as far as I can [...]

Try explaining this injury to your doctor

This must be one of the most hilarious sex-related injuries that I have ever come across. The text in the image says,
Teatime love bite
A woman almost bit off her husband’s willy as he cooked pancakes for tea-while she gave him oral sex.
In the heat of passion he lost his grip on the pan and spilt [...]

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