Assembling IKEA furniture

I had to make an important decision recently. Where should I buy my new furniture? I have often trusted IKEA as my main source. For a while I did contemplate the possibility of buying my furniture from a local vendor in order to support a local business. But then I realized that my best choice [...]

Diet pills that work: Do any exist?

The magic diet pill that will cure the obesity epidemic in North America and some European countries is highly anticipated. Such a pill will make it possible for any individual to shed many pounds of unwanted fat without the need for diet and exercise. The are many diet pills in the market today, i.e., Orovo, [...]

Sydney bus drivers are crazy

It is true. Sydney bus drivers are crazy. However, let me elaborate on the kind of crazy they are. The basic idea here is that most, if not all, of them probably believe that they are actually F1 drivers. I don’t know if this is some kind of mass delusion among this particular group [...]

Teak indoor and outdoor furniture

I don’t know about you, but I like my furniture made of wood and not metal or plastic. Somehow, wood furniture have a certain quality to them even if you decide to buy the cheapest ones in the store. There are many different types of wood that is used for furniture each having its pros [...]

Natural acne treatments

Acne is one of those things that will always be part of life. As far as I can tell there are few effective acne treatment medical or not. Some medical treatments can have unpleasant effects and as such doctors only prescribe them for severe cases. Antibiotics can also be used to control certain forms of [...]

Flexo Solvent recycling

When it comes to recycling, many people only think about items such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans. While it is important that these items are taken care of in the appropriate manner, there are other items that need just as much attention. This is where flexo solvent recycling comes into play.
Many companies use [...]

Net Present Value: What is it and how to calculate it?

Net present value (NPV) is a standard method for the financial appraisal of long-term projects. Used for capital budgeting, and widely throughout economics, it measures the excess or shortfall of cash flows, in present value (PV) terms, once financing charges are met.
Each cash inflow/outflow is discounted back to its PV. Then they are [...]

Foam mattress quality counts when it comes to sleeping well

Just to continue on the subject of moving to a new apartment and buying new furniture, I figured to publish another article this time focused on selecting a mattress. Let’s face it, the mattress is probably the most important piece of furniture that you will buy. A mattress that does not offer enough support for [...]

Buying furniture tips (or how to do it the easy way)

Moving is always more trouble than anything but often you have little choice but to do it. Sometimes, you have to move because of a new job, a growing family, studies, and not as often for the fun of it. At any rate, if you can’t use your old furniture, buying a new set is [...]

How the rich fly

My job requires that I fly around the world a couple of times every year. Some times the flight is just to a nearby city and the time I spent at the airport is longer than the time I spend in the plane flying. Other times, I have to fly as far away as Australia [...]

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