Silk flowers: What’s in a name?

If you don’t like the hassle of real flowers for decoration, then you will be well served from buying fake flowers instead. These are often known as silk flowers even though they are not made of silk. Ever wondered where the name comes from?
Well, it turns out that once upon a time, fake flowers were [...]

Alcohol abuse and treatment for teenagers

There are many reasons today why teenagers feel the need to abuse alcohol. Reasons might include a bad home, peer pressure, and even the stress associated with academic success. Making drug and alcohol abuse look cool in movies and TV doesn’t do much to help the cause. And just to be clear, I am not [...]

Get a pool alarm and protect yourself and your family

Summer is coming fast and sooner than later you will find yourself spending much of your time in your backyard pool But pools are not 100% safe and you can’t hire a lifeguard to look after your children while you are doing your shopping or enjoying a cup of tea reading your favorite book. So, [...]

Childhood obesity in the USA a problem not to be overlooked

The statistics on childhood obesity in the USA are staggering with close to 15% of all children considered obese. Things are also bad for teenagers. Worse even, the future for the young generations looks even worse with these percentage numbers expected to continue increasing every year. It has been a terrible 3 decades for young [...]

The secret to the perfect move

In the last 10 years, I moved a total of 7 times either within the same city, same country, and even half way across the world. Now that I have impressed you with my extensive travel experience (I do feel like a world citizen to tell you the truth,) I want to give you [...]

The path to wealth starts with improving yourself

If you have finally become frustrated with your financial situation then you are ready to take the first steps towards building your own wealth empire. Wealth building is not something that happens overnight and it can be a long process. However, the first steps are the ones closest to home and have little to do [...]

Vacations are for the rich

When it comes to finding a great vacation place, money talks. Let’s face it. If you are strapped for cash chances are that you are going to vacation in some god forsaken place with terrible accommodations surrounded by other people who could not afford to spend some quality time in luxury.
The rich, on the [...]

Low-flow shower heads suck

I may be a bit grumpy this morning because a leaky faucet kept me up all night but I think many will agree with me that low-flow shower heads suck. There is nothing worse than trying to shower the morning after a sleepless night only to suffer the torture of a low-flow shower head. I [...]

Apartment renting in Sydney

So, I finally made my way to Sydney for a brief stint working here. Sydney is a beautiful city and even though the weather at the moment is not the best, i.e., it has been raining for the last few days and more rain is expected throughout the week, this post is about my first [...]

Atheist poster

This “motivational poster” about atheism sprinkled with Epicurus’ words is just pure gold!
Atheists: Winning since 33 A.D.

PS: Epicurus is a Greek philosopher who was born in the island of Samos in 341 BC and died in ancient Athens between in 270 BC but not before authoring 300 books and schooling many in Epicureanism.

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