City Garden Hotel – Hong Kong

There are quite a few hotels in Hong Kong that are known for being more than accommodating to visitors. With that being said, none of them are quite like the City Garden Hotel. Since day one, this hotel has been one of the best in the city for both business travelers and vacationers alike. No [...]

Earth Hour today March 29, 2008

Dont’ forget. Join the movement and create awareness about our negative impact on our planet Earth. Turn off your lights with the rest of the world to celebrate Earth Hour.

Legal steroids for improved fitness: Halotest-25

Steroids have always received a bad reputation by the popular media and just about everyone else. Professional athletes are not allowed to use steroids to improve their performance during a game (not that has actually stopped many of them from using steroids.) The truth is that abusing steroids can negatively impact your health. That said, [...]

I’m getting older and it shows

I was looking in the mirror the other day and it hit me. I am getting old and it shows. It used to be that I could count the number of white hair on my head but now their numbers have increased to the point that such an endeavor would be as pointless as trying [...]

Ferrari versus Lamborghini

Which one is best: Ferrari or Lamborghini? Honestly, who cares? If I had access to either car I’d be happier than words can possibly describe. But alas, I have neither and so I have to be content watching these beautiful machines on video. One day, man, one day!

The best pie fight

The video below is probably the best pie fight caught on film. Of course, it could be choreographed by none other than the three stooges. A classic and hilarious pie fight which in my opinion may be the best of its kind. Enjoy!

The science of homeopathy

I know that calling homeopathy a science is an oxymoron. Yet, homeopathy people are always trying to validate their mumbo jumbo theories by using scientific terms. For example, consider the example of the woman in the video below (one who apparently holds a doctorate in homeopathy) explaining the concept of homeopathy using science. In the [...]

Personalize your iPod

I was trying to decide on a gift for a technology-oriented friend of mine and I couldn’t decide on something worth buying. Then it hit me. I should get him a personalized digital gadget and what better other than the most popular digital audio player Apple’s iPod; I’m sure that he has some version of [...]

Stock markets are doing well, but why?

Global markets and especially the US one seemed destined for doom just 5 days ago when Bear Stearns collapsed and JPMorgan with the help from the Federal Reserve picked up whatever scraps were left over at a bargain price. Global markets reacted to the news as expected losing much value as investors felt the crunch [...]

Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)

The Small Diameter Bomb, also known as the SDB, weighs in at only 250 pounds. This guided bomb makes it easy for military aircraft to carry more than one at the same time. In many cases, four Small Diameter Bombs are carried on board as opposed to one larger 2,000 pound bomb.
At this time, two [...]

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