Soccer Fans Revisited

Posted on February 27, 2008
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On the lighter side of crazed soccer fans which include the production of David Beckham sandwiches, condoms, drive by shootings of soccer players and bar brawls, this story takes soccer fans to yet another level. Although with every major sport there are groupies that will do almost anything to be with a sports star, what if your grandfather was willing to offer up his granddaughter to a soccer star in appreciation for a great soccer performance? Yikes, not possible you say?

Junior Agogo, the star striker from Ghana was offered just that, Agogo, scored the deciding goal in a 2-1 victory over Nigeria allowing Ghana to move into the semi-finals against Cameroon. 24hrs later an 82 year-old fan of Agogo was at Agogo’s hotel stating “I came here last night with my very beautiful granddaughter to introduce her to you.”She is not here with me now because she wanted to pick something from town. Son, when she comes, she is all yours.”

I don’t think soccer players need the help, nor do grandfather’s need to be pimping out there granddaughters, but that’s just me. Agogo later asked if her granddaughter had a sister—-just kidding, about the sister part.
oh boy.


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