Post-consumer plastic recycling

Do you know what post-consumer plastic recycling is all about? If not, you can probably make an educated guess based on the name alone. Generally speaking, post-consumer plastic recycling is the reuse of plastic after the consumer gets done with it. As you can imagine, this is a very important aspect in keeping the environment [...]

The “Beckham” Man

Is David Beckham becoming one of those people you love to hate? Is it not enough that he has played in the English premier league, also with the powerhouse Real Madrid and now in the USA, (yes in the USA for the LA Galaxy) for an ungodly amount of money, where he spends most of [...]

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo worth a visit

Australia is by all means far away from every other place on this planet. A direct flight from Western Canada is 15 hours long. But once you get there, the beauty of the city more than makes up for the long trip. One of the attractions worth visiting when in Sydney is the Taronga Zoo. [...]

Battery recycling

As you probably know, batteries are an important part of day to day life for most people. After all, these power cell phones, cars, computer accessories, and much more. When it comes down to it, without batteries the world would be a much different place. Of course, using so many batteries in day to day [...]

Would somebody please give this man an Oscar

Normally, my concern for the an industry which “slaps each other on the back” to acknowledge the work they have done really doesn’t rise to the level of me being interested. But there has already been one injustice and another one I feel is coming. So my two cents. The first injustice, I don’t know [...]

Sydney’s women

Sydney’s women are the most peculiar and attractive creatures on Earth. In fact, I would say that they are much like vampires. They seem to hide during the day (or they congregate in areas known as the beach, i.e., Bondi Beach is a famous hangout for Sydney’s women (and just about everybody else to tell [...]

A great Science Loss

With all the talk and controversy surrounding the death of Heath Ledger recently, another death also happened which was a devastating blow to the scientific community.
The death of Dr. Judah Folkman.
Dr. Folkman is considered the founding father of the concept of Angiogenesis-which at the time was a radical idea that cancer cells could hijack [...]

Why is recycling important?

Do you know why recycling is important? If not, you will want to learn as much as you can about this. And instead of waiting for a few months to learn about recycling, it would be in your best interest to get started today. The fact of the matter is that recycling is just about [...]

Hard money loans

Do you need some quick money? If so, you may want to look into getting a hard money loan. Of course, this is not always the only idea to consider. After all, you only want to borrow money in a way that is advantageous to your current financial situation. Before you get involved with hard [...]

Support your local….uh Team

What is about people and there sports teams, hey I like sports as much as the next guy, at least I thought I did. Then I hear stories like this and I wonder not about my love of sports but when does that become an infatuation. Sure the soccer hoodlums of England fit into the [...]

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