Save an alien Facebook application

While SETI is scanning the sky for a signal emitted by an alien civilization, Web 2.0 startup wants to give you a chance to do the right thing and save a cute little alien from certain destruction. Apparently, aliens live happily on some remote planet but they are all about to be crushed by [...]

Nuclear weapons video

Mind blowing video about nuclear weapons. Who has them and what kind of damage can one do if dropped on New York city? This incredible video from Good Magazine will certainly make you think.

Survive a motorcycle accident

If you hope to survive a motorcycle accident then you have two options. One is to pay $500 dollars and buy a personal airbag protection jacket from Impact Jackets LLC. These jackets look good and come with build in airbags (like the ones in cars) that inflate during a collision. Your other option is to [...]

Creative email Spam

Email spam is as old as the Internet itself; okay, maybe not as old but it has been around since the network became available to the general public. Spam filters are better than ever and even though some messages always make it through to our Inboxes, most don’t. Every now and then, I glance in [...]

Legal movie and TV show downloads

While the recording companies are busy prosecuting their customers for downloading music and other digital media using P2P networks such as BitTorrent and Kazaa, the digeraty have figured a way around the system that is legal and safe to use. It is possible today to stream to your computer most popular TV shows and recently [...]

John Rambo movie poster and trailer

It is roughly 3 months away, opening January 25th, and it looks like John Rambo is as blood thirsty as ever. But he is a nice guy. After all, if you’re pushed, killing is as easy as breathing. Thankfully, as you can see in the trailer below, the movie will not have a trace of [...]

The Wilhelm Scream

It is everywhere. It is in your favorite film and TV series and you don’t even know it. It is in all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. It is in animated films such as Toy Soldiers and Over The Hedge but you never noticed. It is the Wilhelm Scream sound bite. It was [...]

1967 Shelby Cobra: How to wreck it

It is rather simple actually. Just allow a woman driver to take it for a spin. There is no doubt that the stupid broad will wreck this beautiful car in no time. Proof is in the video below.

Breakfast burrito for clogging your arteries

Enjoy having a burrito for breakfast? Then consider feasting on Hardee’s new breakfast burrito with a massive 60 grams of fat and a ticket for a meeting with your maker (if you believe in that short of thing.) The new burrito is brought to you by none other but the same people who sell the [...]

An expensive cup of Java

It comes from the mountains of Western Panama and coffee aficionados swear by its distinctive taste. The Panamanian brew called Esmeralda is the most expensive cup of Java you can buy today selling upwards of $15 a cup in the few coffee shops fortunate enough to have gotten their hands on the limited supply.
How [...]

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