The parking meter you will hate

The Vancouver-based company Photo Violation Technologies is determined to create a parking meter that you are very likely to hate; in the least, it might become one of the most annoying devices that you ever had the displeasure of interacting with.
First of all, cities make tons of money charging people by the minute for the [...]

Are blonds dumb?

I really don’t know but if Miss South Carolina is considered an average blond then there is strong evidence to suggest that yes, blonds are dumb. See for yourself,

I’m starting to think that she writes President Bush’s speeches.

What has become of Entertainment News

It seems to me that, entertainment news has become nothing more than a dirty closet, this kind of news use to report what stars were going to be in upcoming movies, and following the stars to other countries or exotic locations (with the exception of the Enquirer) were to determine if they were shooting a [...]

3 generations of ADSL modems

The above image shows 3 generations of ADSL modems that I have used during the last 8 years. The oldest modem is the one on the right and the newest modem that I currently use is the one on the left. The latter is only 2 weeks old since my ADSL provider decided once more [...]

The atom bomb

Nuclear weapons came to existence in the mid-40s during the Second World War when a number of scientists in the US worked together in the secret Manhattan Project to develop such weapons. There are different types of atom bombs but the earliest created were based on the idea of nuclear fission.
An extensive article about nuclear [...]

WildFires in Greece

Firefighters have been struggling to contain fires that threaten to engulf ancient Greek Ruins. As firefighters have battled back some of the wildfires new fires have broken out, particularly in the south side of the country, calls have gone out for help through television and radio due to the exhausted and stretched firefighter forces. Firefighters [...]

Zero trans fat donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts announced today that they are about to start selling a new donut with 0 trans fat. Reducing your intake of trans fat is good news for your heart and arteries. But don’t think that the donut is healthy or low fat in any way. The donuts will still contain a considerable quantity of [...]

The Placebo Effect part I: The real deal?

Since it was first proposed in 1955, the placebo effect, which can be defined as a pseudo-treatment from which patients appear to get better has intrigued scientists.
An example of such an effect occurs with pain perception. Physicians and scientist believe that the placebo effect with respect to pain is dependent on the attitude and [...]

Yahoo! Mail offers unlimited storage

TechCrunch reports that Yahoo! Mail is finally our of beta testing and now offers, among other things, unlimited storage; this feature is available for free to all Yahoo! Mail users. The application can do more than just handle your email. It also offers an integrated RSS reader and SMS/text messaging which only works for U.S., [...]

Helping people change

Have you ever wondered why people continue to behave in a self-destructive manner? Take for example people who smoke, drink or eat excessively. They know that their choices to smoke, drink and overeat will increase their chances of death at a younger age. They also know that they are more likely to suffer from medical [...]

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