An affordable Car? Part I

Okay so with GPS, Homelink Universal Transceivers, Xtronic CVT, Bluetooth, Anti-lock brakes with electronic force distribution, vehicle dynamic control and trip computer the center armrest is no longer such a great feature to have apparently. Should I get XM or Sirus satellite radio? The 16 or 17 inch wheels? The heated front seats or the [...]

Bottled water is nothing more than tap water!

Beverage companies are finally admitting that the bottled water they have been selling us is nothing more than re-filtered tap water. Pepsi which sells the Aquafina bottled water has announced that they will now more clearly mention in the product label the actual source of the water; it is filtered tap water, plain and simple. [...]

Dating site for fit men and women

Finally, you can find a date that matches your physical fitness and love for exercise and healthy living by visiting the best online dating website. is the perfect online destination for all of us who have spent countless hours looking through hundreds of personal profiles to find a girl that is worth going out [...]

Why are we afraid of dying?

Some people never really think about this but most of us have contemplated at one time or another about our ultimate demise. Most people that I have asked their opinion about death, they have said that they fear it. Some more than others.
But why are we afraid of dying?
The answer to this question may differ [...]

Understanding the technology and business behind online search engines

In his book The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture, Wired magazine editor John Battelle has done an incredible job presenting the history, technology and business of online search engines.
The book is not a historical documentary about Google but its focus is on the rather [...]

Native Americans according to G. W. Bush!

At the Mexican border, three illegal aliens were discovered under the hood of a truck, crouched around the engine. When President Bush heard about it, he said, ‘No, that was wrong. We don’t call them engines anymore. They are Native Americans.’
Jay Leno

10 ways you can start saving money today

Sometimes the thought of saving money can be daunting. There are many long-term options that require careful consideration and perhaps the services of a financial planner. Sometimes, however, we may need a bit of a jumpstart. Here are actions you can take today to begin saving money, starting right now.

Call your credit card company [...]

Bad news for corn-based ethanol as an alternative fuel for the U.S.

The Daily Green writes about a recent report revealing the truth about the inadequacy of corn-based ethanol to supply an energy hungry country.
According to the report, even if all corn fields in the U.S. were converted to growing corn for ethanol production, it will only be sufficient to cover 15% of the country’s energy needs. [...]

Waterproof digital camcorder

If you are planning to visit an exotic island for you vacation this summer, don’t go without the Sanyo Xacti E1 waterproof digital camcorder. This new digital camera is capable of snapping high resolution still images and, of course, video under water. You can take this wonderful device with you swimming in up to 5 [...]

Retire comfortably saving money one day at a time

I wrote before explaining how one can retire rich if he/she starts investing early in his/her life. Most people complain that even though the idea of starting to invest early sounds good, in practice, it is hard to find the money for this month after month. What most people don’t realize is that the money [...]

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