Resistance training versus weightlifting

During resistance training, your goal is to move muscle, not weight. Therefore, you should approach each exercise with an entirely different thought process and use a completely different technique. You should attempt to focus solely on your body, on its position throughout the exercise, and on the muscles you are contracting. You should direct very [...]

Improve your mental abilities by exercising

Last week, I reviewed Lumosity which is a new website designed for training your brain. Scientists are finding, however, that there is more than these specialized exercises that you can do to improve your cognitive abilities. New research reported in the June/July issue of Scientific American Mind describes new evidence that exercise helps generate new [...]

Avoid food poisoning from meats with this simple guide

I don’t know if you ever had the pleasure of suffering from food poisoning, but let me tell you, it is an experience I could do without. Not all cases are as bad but when it really gets you then your life is practically over for a couple of days as you spend all of [...]

Alli diet pill promises weight loss miracle

For a couple of weeks now, there is a new over the counter diet pill available in the U.S. tooted as the miracle diet pill that everyone was waiting for. The diet pill is alli and it is produced by GlaxoSmithKline; did I also mention that it is approved by the FDA? Well, it is [...]

Paul Potts wins one for the average guy

Paul Potts may spend his days working as a mobile phone salesman but underneath it all he is a talented opera singer in disguise. At least this is what the world found out when he took a chance with an appearance on Britain’s got talent TV show. After surprising everybody with his first performance on [...]

Coupon Chief is the top resource for online coupons

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to find the best deals. Smart shoppers take advantage of online coupons and codes to make online shopping affordable. Coupon Chief should be your one time stop for all your online coupons. This site has a huge and constantly updated database of coupons and discount codes for the [...]

Russian assassinations are better than a James Bond movie

You might still remember the case of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko who was murdered using polonium-210, a radio-active toxin deadly in even tiny doses. Alexander was admitted to the critical-care unit at University College Hospital (UCH) London on November 17, 2006 and died from radiation poisoning two weeks later. Litvinenko was a vocal opponent of Russian [...]

DIY men get their own online social network

Do-it-yourself men can now get together over the information superhighway to share valuable advice on home renovating. Refurber is a new online community or social network in the likes of MySpace and Facebook but targeted to the ‘handy’ men instead of horny teenagers and amateur musicians. The website is free to sign for and [...]

Beautiful nature testing its most important law

If you haven’t yet seen this video of nature’s survival of the fittest law then you are missing out. This following video was captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park by Jason Schlosberg and David Budzinski on a safari who just happened to be at the right place at the right time to [...]

Find a USPS mailbox with this handy Google maps mashup

People are coming up with all sorts of crazy mashup using the freely available Google maps product. In an earlier post, I mentioned a couple of websites that help you find an apartment. Today, I want to present you with another site called Mailbox Map. If you live in the United States, then just type [...]

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