The American Idol PhD thesis

American Idol has dominated TV ratings since its appearance on the airwaves in June 2002. The show which is based on the UK reality show Pop Idol allows any aspiring singer to take a chance to making big in the music scene. This premise has resulted in the discovery of some good and some god [...]

Measure your fitness level with a body fat scale

There are many different way to assess your fitness level some of which involve the help of a professional trainer or medical personnel. However, if you just want to get an idea of your fitness level without the hassle and for a low cost, then a body fat scale is your best choice. A body [...]

Alien Apex Resort theme park to open in Roswell

The small city of Roswell, New Mexico, has earned worldwide fame since it is said that a UFO crashed there back in July 1947. The city has become a tourist attraction for UFO believers even holding an annual UFO summer festival. The city’s International UFO Museum and Research Center has welcomed more than 2.5 [...]

The natural low fat cow

New Zealand scientists hit the jackpot with a mutant cow that produces low-fat milk naturally. Yes, you heard that right! The cow which apparently suffered a natural gene mutation is capable of producing milk with only 1% fat; that would be 3.5 times less fat than whole milk. In addition, the milk is also high [...]

NASA’s Mars rovers still going strong after 3 years

NASA’s twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity are still going strong in their mission to explore the surface of Mars more than 3 years since the mission started. The rovers were initially designed to last 3 months but the engineers did a wonderful job building these machines such that the two rovers have outlived their original [...]

Save on printer supplies at the Databazaar

Are you running a home business and are in search of affordable office supplies? Then why not head over to and purchase printer cartridges, laser toners, printer paper, and fax supplies at an affordable price with free shipping on all orders? Databazaar is a company based in Florida has been ranked the 5th largest [...]

Intel shows off world’s thinnest laptop computer

Until now, we have been used to seeing well designed computers only from Apple Inc. Intel engineers and designers from Ziba Design came together to build the world’s thinnest and most fashionable laptop; an machine that is fully loaded with the latest technology but designed to look more like a fashion accessory than a computer. [...]

How to own a BMW for free

Have you always wanted a sports car but you could never afford one? Now, you can have one for free if you play the auction game at with a chance to win a Series 3 BMW. The auction works by you placing your lowest bid online by visiting the website or by text messaging [...]

The impact of a major sporting event to a local economy

Ever wondered what the economic impact of a major sporting event such as the final game for an international competition is for the organizing city? Last Wednesday, Athens, Greece, hosted the Champions League final game which is the most important soccer match in Europe. Liverpool FC from England and AC Milan from Italy were the [...]

Remember every step of your vacation with the Trackstick

Technology is making it possible to collect an incredible wealth of information about our daily lives. For example, the extremely low cost of digital cameras has made it possible to document almost every fun moment. Now, you can record every step of your day using a nifty GPS driven gadget, the Trackstick.
The Trackstick II is [...]

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