Maximum insanity: how to survive a Klingon invasion!

If we are fortunate enough to survive the upcoming robot uprising, then chances are that we are going to meet our maker when Martians invade. Okay, so it may not be Martians but Aliens from another distant planet if such beings actually exist. And if you believe Travis Taylor and Bob Boan then there is [...]

Having fun with gas prices

These days, everyone is concerned with gas prices and how can they not when they continue to rise and take center stage on mass media? But don’t let the high prices get you down. AAA has released an interesting online tool that lets you calculate the cost of gas for any trip between two U.S. [...]

Are you sure you know what a portion of food looks like?

The good people at are on a mission to inform us what a given amount of calories looks like in our plates. We are talking about understanding the relationship between portion size and calories. They have published a list of recipes which is a collection of dishes in the 300 to 400-calorie range. This [...]

Don’t have time to read but want to? Free audiobooks to the rescue.

Let’s face it. Many of use would like to read more but we simply don’t have the time. Take for example our morning and afternoon commute to work; I spend on average 2 hours driving in traffic (if you can call it driving) which is time I could invest in reading. So what can one [...]

The global warming controversy

Global warming is the constant increase in average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere over a period of certain years. This can cause dramatic changes to the Earth, including mass extinction or other negative effects. Many people debate that the problem doesn’t exist, as there is little evidence. However, more recent evidence may suggest otherwise. Global warming [...]


“As a rule, men worry more about what they can’t see than about what they can.”
- Julius Ceasar, 102-44 BC

Get the job you want with a good resume

If you are now entering the workforce for the first time in your life or you are a veteran looking to change jobs, you must know that getting the job that caught your eye in the classifieds is a two step process. First you must prepare a great resume and cover letter which will get [...]

Celebrating Earth Day take two

Every year on April 22nd, nations around the world celebrate Earth Day. It is a day dedicated to celebrating our planet and making everyone aware of humanities impact on its fragile ecosystem. The United Nations also celebrate the coming of spring under the name Earth Day on the vernal (March) equinox. More than 500 million [...]

The thrill of a life-time driving a Bugatti Veyron at top speed

The Buggatti Veyron is said to be the world’s fastest most powerful car in production that is also street legal. This incredible vehicle has a 16-cylinder engine that delivers an astonishing 1001 horsepower requiring 10 radiators to keep it cool; in contrast the average car has a single radiator. Buggatti’s claim is that the car’s [...]

Russia’s plan for the longest underwater tunnel connecting with Alaska

The cold war when the notion of any collaboration between Russia and North America was thought as heresy is long over. In the name of economics and the new world order, Russia is proposing that a tunnel connecting Russia with Alaska be constructed for the purpose of making it easier to transport commodities between the [...]

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