Using blondes to sell cars: a twist

Smart commercial by Mercedes-Benz,

How the Internet became Edwards’ best friend

The power of the Internet to disseminate information is well known and feared by some authoritative governments. In the U.S., one politician hoping to lead the Democratic Party to the White House next year has a new best friend and it is the Internet. After the announcement of the sad news that Elisabeth Edwards’ cancer [...]

Watching the odds on current events

Few experts familiar with the Conrad Black trial are daring enough to venture a guess on the outcome. After all, Black’s is a trial by jury, and a jury can be a fickle bunch. But those who insist on predictions would do well to watch the action on, an online predictions market that allows [...]

Drug company releases type 2 diabetes genomic information

As genomic information piles up at an exponential rate, sorting through it all has become overwhelming. In the hopes that with enough eyes, breakthroughs will materialize, the Swiss drug company Novartis has helped create a free and open database on the genetics of type 2 diabetes. Posted at, the Diabetes Genetics Initiative is a collaboration [...]

Real estate mogul tries to help poor families but does he?

Apparently, the rather wealthy Japanese real estate mogul Genshiro Kawamoto decided to give away some of his multi-million dollar houses to homeless and low-income families. He is giving away the houses for 10 years at no cost other than utilities. He claims that the cost of all these for him is nothing but pocket change. [...]

If you pay to fly first class don’t go with British Airways

I feel sorry for the poor guy that this happened to. An old lady, unfortunately, died during a British Airways international flight and the crew moved her dead body from economy to first class. They placed it next to a guy who was sleeping only to wake up and get what could be the scare [...]

To be smart or not to be

“It is indisputable that the being whose capacities of enjoyment are low, has the greatest chance of having them fully satisfied; and a highly endowed being will always feel that any happiness which he can look for, as the world is constituted, is imperfect. But he can learn to bear its imperfections, if they are [...]

The stock market gamble

“The foundations for stable operation of the stock market are not firm. There are still many problems that must be resolved.”
- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, speaking on Jan. 19, just five weeks before Chinese stocks fell 9% in one day of trading

Canadians can start filing their tax returns once again

Bad news for Canadian citizens today as the Canadian Revenue Agency announced that they fixed their computers and everyone can start filing their taxes once again. The CRA’s computer system was determined to make errors in processing tax returns and as such it had to be taken offline on March 5th. Although only the ability [...]

Retelling of ancient Greek battle sets box office records

Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated retelling of the ancient battle of Thermopylae that took place in 480 B.C. stuck with a thunder as the move 300 set box office record by making over $70 million in its opening weekend.
The movie is about the real story of Spartan king Leonidas and his 300 men who fought [...]

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