The most useless machine

Posted on January 1, 2010
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This is easily the most useless machine ever made. When you flip the switch, a small arm comes out of the box and flips the switch again. Brilliant!


Posted on December 19, 2009
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I don’t think that anyone watching TV actually believes all the technological mumbo jumbo that TV writers depend on to make their shows sound more scientific. And there is nothing more annoying than the ability of special units to enhance video or images to the point that they can see the reflection of the criminal in the dead victim’s retina. And CSI is not the only show that does this; many movies also play the enhance game. Luckily for everyone, such technology does not actually exist.

The following video is a nice compilation of “enhance” moments from various TV shows.

Understanding Your Marine Diesel Engine

Posted on November 14, 2009
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In a traditional marine diesel engine its power is produced by hot compressed air igniting fuel which has been sprayed into the cylinder head under very high pressure. A marine diesel engine does not have a carburetor to mix fuel or air spark plugs to ignite the mixture. Instead, the pistons are used to compress the air to 3000 kPa, which causes it to become extremely hot and the fuel is ignited as soon as it is injected into the cylinder.

Some marine diesel engines are fitted with a glow plug in the pre-combustion chamber of each cylinder or a heater plug in the inlet manifold. These can provide additional heat to the combustion air during the starting process.

Diesel marine engines are slower revving and heavier than gasoline engines but they are also more reliable because they do not have to count on external carburetion or that electrical spark for ignition.

Newer engines use an electronic fuel injection system whereby air and fuel are mixed thoroughly in the pre-combustion chamber before entering the cylinder. This system maximizes power and fuel economy and is a less polluting option.

All boaters should have an understanding about how their engine works so let’s start by looking at the mechanical cycles.

Most reciprocating piston internal combustion engines work on one of two mechanical cyclesóeither the four-stroke cycle or the two-stroke cycle. These cycles designate, in correct sequence, the mechanical actions by which the fuel and air gain access to the engine cylinder, the gas pressure – due to combustion – is converted to power and, finally, the burnt gas is expelled from the engine cylinder.

The Basic Four-Stroke Diesel Engine

From its name, you should understand that there are four strokes in one complete engine cycle. A stroke is the movement of the piston through the full length of the cylinder and, since one such movement causes the crankshaft to rotate half a turn, it follows that there are two crankshaft revolutions in one complete engine cycle.

The four strokes in the order they occur are:

1. Inlet stroke. With the inlet valve open and the exhaust valve closed, the piston moves from top dead center (TDC) to bottom dead center (BDC), creating a low-pressure area in the cylinder. Clean, filtered air rushes through the open inlet valve to relieve this low-pressure area, and the cylinder fills with air.

2. Compression stroke. With both valves closed, the piston moves from BDC to TDC, compressing the air. During the course of this stroke the air becomes heated to a temperature high enough to ignite the fuel.

3. Power stroke. At around TDC, the fuel is injected, or sprayed, into the hot, compressed air, where it ignites, burns and expands. Both valves remain closed, and the pressure on the piston crown forces it down the cylinder from TDC to BDC.

4. Exhaust stroke. At approximately BDC the exhaust valve will open and the piston starts to move from BDC to TDC, driving the burnt gas out of the cylinder through the open exhaust valve.

The Two-Stroke Diesel Engine

The two-stroke engine uses two piston strokes to complete one power stroke and, therefore, it fires twice as often as a four-stroke engine. A two-stroke engine is smaller and simpler with fewer moving parts. A two-stroke engine has the potential to produce twice as much power as a four-stroke engine of the same size, however, because of the extra fitting required in a two-stroke diesel engine, for example blowers and governors, they become more expensive to produce. Recently there has been a move towards four stroke diesel engines which have become more efficient and smaller.

Protect Your Marine Diesel Engine

Avoid idling your marine engine for longer than ten minutes in a no-load state. The engine is often idled to charge the batteries or cool  the refrigeration but if done repeatedly it will glaze the bores of the engine and cause premature engine failure. When the vessel is in a berth the engine can be put in gear to create load at idle.

Every boat owner should have some knowledge of basic marine diesel engine maintenance to keep themselves and their families safe while boating.

Lower Back Pain – Causes and Cures

Posted on November 14, 2009
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Nearly 80% of people have back pain, including lower back pain, at some point or another during their life. Since this is a problem which affects nearly everyone, it is important to know what the causes of lower back pain are. It’s important to understand how you can keep severe lower back pain at bay by controlling these factors.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

As we age, we lose a lot of our body’s natural muscle tone and elasticity. We also tend to lose bone strength as we age. Loss of fluid results in the discs in your spine becoming less flexible. This means that they do a less effective job of protecting the vertebrae. Just the fact of getting older can play a part in experiencing lower back pain.

A strain, sprain or spasm in your muscles or ligaments can result in the rupture of a spinal disc. This leads to increased pressure on your spinal cord nerves. Our back lets us know about this with the neural signals we know as pain. What are the causes of these strains, sprains and spasms? Frequently, this type of injury is caused by attempting to lift heavy objects or overstretching the muscles.

Lower back pain can also be caused by diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. Other causes include disc or joint irritation, viral infections, or spinal abnormalities.

Lifestyle factors can also be contributors to lower back pain. This includes smoking, being overweight, pregnancy, stress, bad posture and being in poor shape. Lower back pain and pain in the hips often appear together, increasing your discomfort. Another cause of lower back pain can be scar tissue from old injuries – this can also lead to further, more critical injuries.

When to Worry About Lower Back Pain

You should take your lower back pain seriously if it comes along with other symptoms. Watch out for weakness in the muscles, particularly in the legs, loss of bowel or bladder control, fever or coughing. If your lower back pain is accompanied by these symptoms, contact your physician immediately. They could point to a deeper problem such as a pinched nerve. If you suffer from diabetes, your back pain might be related to neuropathy.

Avoiding Lower Back Pain

By paying attention to proper back pain management techniques, most lower back pain can be avoided. Recurring lower back pain can usually be traced to poor posture. You can work on correcting this. Try exercises to build up strength in your lower back, stand up straight, and don’t forget to use your legs to lift objects instead of your back. Be certain that you pay attention to workplace ergonomics while on the job. This will greatly impact your ability to prevent lower back pain.

Colored Contact Lenses: Revitalize Your Look Easily

Posted on November 14, 2009
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Color contacts are a great way to sharpen and enhance the look of your eyes.  Unlike traditional contacts, colored lenses are a great way to show off your contacts, with colors that are completely fun.  Wearing color contacts are all about having some fun every once in a while.

All around the world, thousands and thousands of people wear colored lenses.  Contact lenses themselves are the best alternative to glasses, with color contacts lenses being the next best thing.  Colors add flair and personality to contact lenses, giving people the chance to be different.  When you add color to your lenses – you are telling the world that you are different.

You can always find colored lenses that match what you are looking for no matter what color interests you.  There are hundreds of different styles available, from kids to adults.  You’ll also have several different manufacturers to choose from as well, which makes it easier than ever to get a pair of colored lenses that you can depend on.

Even though colored lenses are popular, there are several people who feel as if they will damage the eyes.  Non prescription colored contacts work exactly the same as traditional contacts, and won’t damage your eyes as long as you clean them and take care of them.  There shouldn’t be much worry if the contacts are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Each and every colored contact has the color or design coded on the contact itself.  When you wear a pair of these lenses, it is actually the color that has been coded into the contact that projects the colored image everyone sees when they look in your eyes.  The color of the contact shines through, making it appear that your eyes are indeed the exact same color as your contacts.

Colored contacts work the same as other types of contacts.  Select the color of the contacts that you choose using your prescription.  If you are ordering them online, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of different colors and images.  There are more colors and selections available online – making it the best way to invest in your contact lenses.

A nice pair of “leopard looking” lenses will add some flair if you looking for something different.  They will give you the vision you need, along with different colored “eyes” that can really mess with someone’s head.  Kids love them as well, as they give them the chance to express themselves.  From kids to adults – colored contact lenses are the ideal way to be different – and improve your vision at the same time.

Architectual Talent You Can’t Live Without

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The architect is an important person in our everyday lives. Where would you be without him or her? You would be out in the cold without shelter. You would not work inside an office building. They have and always will be an essential part of science, art and technology. They play an integral part in civilization. They are students of art and history. along with being well-versed in mathematics, architects are well-versedin a municipalities building codes. It could ruin your afternoon if the building fell apart while you were inside. Their designs are an integral part in our daily lives.

When a person decides to study architecture, he or she must decide on a specialty. There are a number of areas in architecture to choose from. Interior design, urban, green and landscape architecture are only a few of the many areas in which architects can focus their talents. The educational background is similar for all architects and consists of a broad selection of classes in the arts. It should make sense considering an architect is a talented artist who uses wood, concrete or steel to bring his or her concepts and designs to fruition.

Besides a Bachelor’s degree, the architect is usually expected to go on to receive their Master’s degree. During this extended period of study they are able to concentrate on a particular specialty. During this period, many architects will enter a period of internship programs. Some of these programs will allow the intern to work at several different architectural firms, which broadens their experience. This will help them later when it comes time to choose where they would like to be employed.

While the architect does not need to be an artist, it does help if he or she can appreciate fine art and has a basic concept of how art plays such a vital role in our lives. Throughout history, architecture has played a tremendous role. The pyramids, the Taj Majal and even Mt. Rushmore are testment to architects. There will always be a need for architects in this world.

basement renovation

The Canadian Wood spider

Posted on October 31, 2009
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This is not your average documentary. The Canadian Wood spider is just totally bad ass.

The best Halloween costume

Posted on October 30, 2009
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This is most likely the scariest and as such best Halloween costume ever made. The remake is as scary as the situation in the movie.

Halloween costume

Acne treatments are such a joke

Posted on September 7, 2009
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I am starting to think that second to the miracle weight loss pill scam are the miracle acne treatment scams. Every other day there is a new product in the market that promises to help teenagers eliminate acne in a few days. Over the years I have seen crazy treatments hailed as modern miracles such as electrically zapping pimples to destroy them at their very root. Of course, there are also an unlimited number of facial scrubs and soaps that promise to cure a teenager’s acne in just a few days.

None of these treatments really work and the few that might help a bit are only of some use to the people with the most mild cases of acne.

People need to accept that acne is a fact of life and all generations have to deal with it. There are some cures for severe cases which involve having to see a doctor first. These treatments require that a person takes medication that can have severe side effects and so are ofter a last resort rather than a first choice; and usually doctors will not prescribe for none but the most severe cases.

Teenagers, stop worrying about skin deep issues and enjoy your youth. You’ll regret when it’s gone.

Catching some shade

Posted on August 30, 2009
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This doesn’t look very safe!

shade under and excavator

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